Judy’s thoughts: Come What May

It all started with a very sweet idea that Jacqui, the bridegroom’s sister, had. Apparently, exactly a year ago, her brother Ignatius, proposed to his then girlfriend, now wife 🙂 Lye Ken, with the famous romantic love song “Come What May” from the movie “Moulin Rouge”. Jacqui then decided that, as a special gift to the newly-weds, she would surprise them with a live performance of the same song.

This was how Windson and I came into the picture. When I got the call from Hsin Yeow that I was only requested to do one song, I must say I was quite surprised. Usually we sing about 20! But after hearing the story behind this request, I understood the significance behind everything. In this case, less is more 🙂

It was an ordinary Saturday night, seemingly uneventful as I waited outside M Hotel for Windson, my duet partner to arrive. The air was slightly damp and smelt of dew…which I thought was very romantic 🙂 I guess the night’s mood has already been set for the lovebirds.

The guests were already seated by the time we’d arrived at the ballroom. Since it was a surprise, Windson and I were busy trying to stay as unnoticeable as possible, dodging behind walls, making sure the couple does not see us and start wondering who these uninvited guests are. I am quite sure we did a pretty good job at that, as the couple were truly surprised when Jacqui’s husband introduced us on stage.

As we were singing, Ignatius sang along, belting out the very words that won him the love of his life. Seeing his obvious attachment to the song, I finally handed Ignatius the mic and he finished the song on a beautiful note, with his beautiful bride smiling shyly beside him. I think the guests were rather amused and heartened by the whole arrangement, because it was not only a show of love shared between the couple, but also of the love that Jacqui shows by arranging this sweet surprise. It was a lovely start to the dinner, and Windson and I ended our short performance with an acapella version of Teresa Teng’s classic 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), and some of the guests actually sang with us.

On a last note, I was told that by sheer coincidence, Ignatius and Lye Ken arranged to hold their wedding dinner on the same date as their proposal. Is it mere coincidence, or truly their destiny? I would like to think it’s the latter 🙂

Thanks Ignatius, Lye Ken and of course Jacqui, the mastermind, for the opportunity to share this special moment with you. We wish the couple an endless road of bliss, love and happiness.

Vocalists: Windson and Judy

L-R: Judy, Lye Ken, Ignatius, Windson