Jo’s thoughts: 我只在乎你 (I Only Care For You)

To people in the wedding music business, it’s not unheard of for the most beautiful ceremonies to devolve into just another day at the office (albeit a very grand and beautiful office full of happy people).

So At A Little Dream, it’s always important, and lovely to hear the personal stories of the new couple. And there are few better sweet, personal stories to keep bands from potential apathy than ‘the groom fell in love with the bride at a singing competition.’

Talk about pressure!

Jean is the songstress in question- Kevin, who said quite firmly that he can’t sing, first met her at a contest and professed to being captivated by her sweet voice— a voice which was generously shared with the entire banquet hall of M Hotel when the couple sang their own 2nd March-in song: Teresa Teng’s 我只在乎你 (I Only Care For You) to thunderous applause.

It was apparent why Kevin fell for her voice when the sweet notes rang out. But Kevin’s bravery in performing before a lifetime’s worth of friends and family when he was very sure he couldn’t sing would have contributed to at least half the applause. On our part, we thought the duo sounded lovely and would make for a very harmonious pair indeed!

It was really a very sweet wedding with a stunning couple who were exceedingly friendly and sat down to talk with us as we ate our burger dinners. You could really tell how much the guests loved the comfortable, happy couple by the cheers and hoots at every item on the program…even with guests cheering for us as we ended our final song. Roving photographers captured instant shots for the guests to take home and everybody wanted theirs, of what might be one of the sweetest warmest weddings we’ve ever had the pleasure to play at.

Band: Jo Tan, Clarence


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