Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Nobody (But You)

“没有你们,我就不会有这么漂亮的新娘。。。” (Without you, I will not have such a beautiful bride)

Yes, that was exactly what Philip said in his thank you speech to his new parents-in-law. Indeed, Jasmine looked ravishing that evening. The thank you speech was heart-warming, but there were moments which made everyone crack up too – Jasmine thanked his father for having the foresight to buy her dowry 13 years ago… Wow!

Jerome, Jixiang, Shawn and I were ecstatic – 4-piece band usually means the music will be more exciting. And indeed we had a great time grooving along to Shawn’s percussions, especially for fast numbers like “Everything”, “I’m yours”, “At the beginning”, and the special song request by the couple “Nobody”, which was dedicated to their flower girl and ring bearer (their nieces) Beth & Grace!

Before we sang the song, I asked Jasmine for the whereabouts of the little girls because I wanna be sure they are in the ballroom when I perform the song. I asked her if she thinks the girls would dance when I perform the song. Jasmine replied with me a resounding yes, “They love to dance!”.

True enough, soon after the music came on, young Beth came over to the corner where the band was, and started swaying to the music, but nothing got her going more at the choruses, “I want nobody nobody but you! I want nobody nobody but you!” She really could do all the dance moves! All the guests were bowled over by that little cute pea!

We also enjoyed performing these 2 songs which are great wedding songs but seldom requested for:
Do that to me one more time (Captain & Tennille


Our warmest Congratulations to Philip and Jasmine! All the best and here’s wishing you everlasting bliss!

L-R: Shawn, Bevlyn, Philip, Jasmine, Jerome, Jixiang

Band: Bevlyn, Jerome, Jixiang & Shawn

Repertoire: Fallen, Angels, Everything, 恋之憩 (Love’s Harbour), 我愿意 (I Do), 每天爱你多一些 (Loving You More Each Day), All My Only Dreams, In This Life, Do That to Me One More Time, Amazed, I’m Yours, 男人女人 (Man and Woman), At the Beginning, Nobody, No Matter What, Shakespeare in Love, One Boy One Girl, Eyes on Me, 一人一半 (Half for You and Half for Me), 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), 你的名字我的姓氏 (Your Name My Surname), 今天你要嫁给我 (You’re Marrying Me Today)

Compliment from Couple:

Hi Bevlyn,

Thank you. Thank you for the wonderful words you’ve said about our wedding. Couldn’t stop thinking of all the funny and lovely things that happened on our special day. And your band definitely played a huge role in making our wedding lunch an enjoyable and memorable one.

Once again, thank you.

Jasmine & Philip