Band: Phoebee (vocals + emcee), Eugene (piano)

Dacialyn & Lucas got acquainted as colleagues, and one day Lucas seized the chance to talk more to her by queuing behind her while she was waiting in line for Koi bubble tea (and nope, he doesn’t like bubble tea). The rest is history, as they say. After the wedding proposal in Japan at Hakone Shrine, here we are fast forwarded to their wedding day. Do check out this theatrical style wedding ballroom!

Mandarin Orchard Hotel Singapore ballroom
Every guest will be able to see you clearly on stage because of the tiered-seating!
Mandarin Orchard Hotel Singapore ballroom

Lucas wanted to spring a surprise for Dacialyn by singing a song with his groomsmen, but he decided against it in the end as Dacialyn got wind of it and preferred to keep things simple. What? Wow, Lucas you are a lucky man!

Thank you Lucas & Dacialyn for engaging Phoebee to be your wedding singer and emcee (with Eugene on piano). We wish you everlasting bliss and multiple offsprings soon!

Mandarin Orchard Hotel Singapore ballroom


A Thousand Years (1st march-in)
September (2nd march-in) – Kudos to the couple who requested for Phoebee to sing “Do you remember the 23rd night of September?”
What lovers do (Maroon 5)
From this moment
Roses (Chainsmokers)
Thinking out loud
Close to you
Sky full of stars
Kiss me
I wanna grow old with you (Westlife)
Rather be (Clean Bandit)
Beautiful in white
Marry me (Train)
Heaven (Bryan Adams)
If I ain’t got you
All of me
I’m yours