Cheryl’s Thoughts: Fallen

A wedding marks a new beginning for the couple involved. For me, Marc & Emily’s wedding also marked a new experience for me, as it was my first time playing with Melvin, as well as accompanying Sofyan and Tanya, who were very smooth as both the singers and the emcees for the night. It was also my first time at the Mandarin Ballroom at the Meritus Mandarin, and believe me when I say that the ballroom deserves its own paragraph.

When you say ballroom, most people think of the standard rectangular room with tables in rows and a small stage at the front. Well, if you want something different, consider this: an auditorium style room where tables are arranged on 3 different split levels and where the stage looks like an actual theatre stage. As a result of this concept where the whole ballroom is curved to face the stage, every 1 or 2 tables ends up on their own little “balcony” of sorts. It really is a novel concept, and being on the 35th floor just adds to it. Just make sure you’re comfortable walking down those flights of stairs in your long flowing wedding gown.

Emily certainly had no problems, looking exactly like those fairy tale scenes where the princess gracefully decends a majestic staircase, floating on the arm of her prince Marc. While they opted for a traditional first march-in to Pacabel’s Canon in D, my favourite was the second march-in, to one of my all time favourite songs, Fallen by Lauren Wood. Tanya did a fantastic job on the song, and having an experienced bassist like Melvin on this song really injected something special to it. But what took my breath away was Emily’s lovely gown, in traditional red but a very modern style, and Marc’s suit with matching subtle red detailing.

All said, it was a night of firsts, both for us and for Emily and Marc, but a lovely night and one to remember. A special shout out to the audience, who clapped appreciately for every song, even those sitting on the other side of the room. During the tradtional three toasts, it was obvious that the loudest toast went to wishing the happy couple the gift of children as soon as possible. So let me echo that wish here: Marc and Emily, here’s wishing you everlasting happiness, and as many adorable children as you could wish for!

Band: Cheryl, Sofyan, Tanya & Melvin


Canon in D (1st March-in), My Love Will Get You Home, L-O-V-E, She’s The One, So Close To You, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, 今天你要嫁给我 (Today You’re Marrying Me), Forever Love, From This Moment On.

I Do Cherish You (2nd March-in), 你最珍贵 (You’re Most Precious), Perfect Moments, Because You Loved Me, Crazy In Love, Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps, For The First Time, It Might Be You, I Finally Found Someone.