Hui Bing’s Thoughts: The Prayer

The newly renovated Mandarin Court took my breath away as it is the first time I have been to a three-tiered ballroom.  Unlike other ballrooms which are flat, there were tables located on three different mezanine levels with beautifully decorated staircases and landings, all leading to the main stage in the centre, giving guests a complete view of the stage as well as other guests in the ballroom.  Though my feet ached like hell after climbing up and down the stairs in high heels!

In his thank-you speech, the groom spoke about the 7 most important things when it comes to choosing a lifetime partner.  One of them is destiny. He said that it must be destiny’s will, and not chance, which allowed him to meet and fall in love with Hwei Boon, among the billions of people in the world.. Sweet!

For this gig, I had to learn two foreign language songs, happily to do so as I have heard the foreign renditions quite often.  One song was ‘La Vie En Rose’ a version done by our own Bevlyn, and the other – the heart-soaring ‘The Prayer’.  It felt really great singing this duet with ZQ in this three-tiered ballroom, and we saved this song as the last.

Our warmest congratulations!

Band: Hui Bing, Zheng Quan & Ein Ein



When You Tell Me That You Love Me, I Knew I Love You, This I Promise You, That’s When I Love You, Your Love, You Are The Love Of My Life, My Destiny, The Gift, (Today I Met) The Boy I’m Gonna Marry, 一人一半 (One Half)

你是我最深爱的人 (You Are The One I Love Deeply), 今天你要嫁给我 (Today You’re Marrying Me), Can’t Help Falling In Love, The Prayer, Just The Way You Are, Through The Years, Pour Que Tu Ma’Aimes Encore, Beauty And The Beast, La Vie En Rose, Quando Quando Quando, Grow Old With You

Compliments from Couple:

Hi Bevlyn, Huibing , Zheng Quan and Ein Ein
A big thank you for your vocal contribution at our wedding lunch. We received numerous compliments from our guests regarding your good singing. Gabriel, the Groom, in particular, would like to thank Zheng Quan for rehearsing the song “Grow Old with Me” before the wedding lunch and even lip singing with him when he was performing on stage.
Our wedding would not have be so memorable and complete without your professional band singing and playing. We gave five stars out of five stars for huibing, Zheng Quan and Ein Ein.
Kind regards
Hwei Boon