Bevlyn’s Thoughts: 天天想你 (Thinking of you everyday)

I seldom perform at Mandarin Orchard’s main ballroom (previously Meritus Mandarin), and upon entering the ballroom, I was quickly reminded of how beautiful and breath-taking the ballroom is; there’s just something about the ambience (and maybe lightings). Anyway, an exciting night awaited us as it was a 5-pc band combination – Rudy and I on vocals, Sharon on piano, Boon Chye on saxophone, and Melvin on bass guitar. We were raring to perform!

Bevlyn & Rudy

During soundcheck and rehearsal, I quickly stepped up to Roy to throw him the challenge of serenading his wife with a song. His friends immediately hyped up and rally around to throw him song suggestions, poor Roy replied me, “I only know sad songs…”. :/

I left him to his own brainstorm, but I was delighted when he came back to me with a song choice, “天天想你” (Thinking of you everyday). The lyrics for the 1st verse wasn’t so appropriate, so he started singing the song from verse 2:


隐隐约约 闪动的双眼

天天想你 天天问自己
天天想你 天天守住一颗心

Honestly, I was stunned when I heard Roy’s singing for the first time! If I had not gotten him to sing, I would have beaten myself up. But the most touched person in the ballroom had to be Jasmine. I still remember, when we announced that Roy was going to sing a song for her, she exclaimed,” OH MY GOD!!” Soon after he started singing, Jasmine’s eyes swelled with tears… (I am not exaggerating!)

With the 3 instruments cooking up a musical storm, Rudy and I enjoyed performance very much. Rudy’s smooth vocals totally melted me on “Sea of love”, “Brown eyed girl” and “The first the last, my everything”. I look forward to pairing up with him again! 😉

Congratulations to Roy and Jasmine, may you cherish each other and enjoy everlasting bliss in your marriage! 🙂

L-R: Bevlyn, Rudy, Roy, Jasmine, Sharon, Boon Chye & Melvin

Band: Bevlyn, Rudy, Sharon, Boon Chye & Melvin


Romantic Wedding March (1st March-in), Now And Forever, Love Me Tender, Wonderful Tonight, Could I Have This Dance, Sombody, More Than This, Sea Of Love, Always You, Brown-eyed Girl, If, Always, Beyond The Sea, I’m Yours, La Vie En Rose, You’re My Everything, I Love You, I Got You Babe, The First, The Last, My Everything, Wishin’ And Hopin’, That’s All