Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 世界最美的风景 (Most Beautiful Scenery In The World)

Sian Khong and Fong Cheng are a study in contrasts. Sian Khong is sturdy and heavyset, while Fong Cheng is petite and slim. Sian Khong is reticent, while Fong Cheng is eloquent. Yet, they make such a lovely couple. They have nicknames for each other – Sian Khong is “gorilla”, while Fong Cheng is “sparrow”.

All the beautiful photos in this entry were taken by Fai Ming of Pic Hour


That set the scene for the gatecrashing, where the bridesmaids really put the groomsmen through the grind. Instead of asking groomsmen to drink strange concoctions of sour, sweet, bitter, spicy (the four tastes symbolising life’s tribulations), Sian Khong had to write a poem with these four words. Despite being pressed for time, he did it and signed off, “From your cute gorilla”. The bridesmaids didn’t let him off so easily – he had to wear a monkey mask to meet Fong Cheng! It was a hilarious scene!

Fong Cheng’s thank-you speech was also memorable. She used metaphors to describe how marriage is like doing homework. She said the both of them would work hard at it every day, and they hoped to present a report card showing sterling results.

Bevlyn and I had a really enjoyable time performing at the wedding. With Ji Xiang at the helm, the music sounded full and rich despite the fact that we only had one musician. The audience responded warmly by clapping after almost every song.

The loudest applause was reserved for a song that struck a chord with many of the guests, who were Malaysians. It was 用马来西亚的天气来说爱你 (Use Malaysia’s Weather To Say I Love You), so I’d gladly sing it again if there’s an opportunity!

Thank you, Sian Khong and Fong Cheng, for having us at your wedding. Congratulations once again!


Hsin Yeow, Bevlyn, Ji Xiang


L-R: Hsin Yeow, Sian Khong, Fong Cheng & Bevlyn (Photo taken by A Little Dream)


From This Moment (1st march-in), Close To You, Because You Loved Me, 求婚 (Proposal), 你是我老婆 (You’re My Wife), 最浪漫的事 (The Most Romantic Thing), 疼你的責任 (My Duty To Dote On You), 小手拉大手 (Small Hand Holding Big Hand), 每天爱你多一些 (Every Day I Love You More), 爱的路上只有我和你 (You And Me On The Road To Love)

小酒窝 (2nd march-in), 你最珍贵 (You’re The Most Precious), 花好月圆夜 (Beautiful Night), 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), 世界最美的风景 (Most Beautiful Scenery In The World), 读你 (Read You), 红线情 (Red Thread), 宝贝 (Babe), Can You Feel The Love Tonight?, 用马来西亚的天气来说爱你 (Use Malaysia’s Weather To Say I Love You), 出嫁 (Getting Married)


Dear Hsin Yeow,

Thank you so much for the wonderful performance brought by you, Bevlyn and Ji Xiang! Our guests enjoyed it very much and have been praising your team; you are so professional! Your team made our Wedding Lunch a special and cozy occasion!

And Hsin Yeow is a great emcee! Our guests complimented on your fluency, and being natural and bilingual.

We were so busy and hardly had time to sit down and listen to your singing. Our friends are asking about your contact, so we hope to enjoy your performance at our friends’ weddings in the near future.

Thanks for adding colour to our wedding!

Sian Khong & Fong Cheng 🙂

Song To Recommend:

红线情 (Red Thread) – A lovely Hokkien duet

世界最美的风景 (Most Beautiful Scenery In The World)