Eleanor’s thoughts: Collide

My personal experience of this particular wedding was filled with reminders of how small Singapore is.

When I first met up with Adrian to discuss the songlist for his wedding celebration, I couldn’t help but feel as if I had met him before. The feeling was certainly mutual; almost immediately after we introduced ourselves, he said he found my face very familiar. As Adrian’s wife, Jasmine, watched on in bemusement, Adrian and I meticulously traced our way back through our personal histories to discover that we were the same age, and had indeed crossed paths, albeit at a distance, in secondary school. In fact, we had many friends and acquaintances in common. We sealed our reunion immediately by whipping out our iPhones and adding each other on Facebook. Don’t you love the 21st century?

The fact that Adrian and I knew each other in school seemed oddly appropriate, as Jasmine and Adrian are both secondary school teachers. In fact, Jasmine had contacted A Little Dream based on the recommendation of one of her students, Vanessa, who is an avid fan of local theatre and had watched me perform in a few plays.

When Adrian and Jasmine addressed their guests during their wedding banquet, they took to the podium with an ease befitting teachers well-used to addressing classrooms or entire halls full of restless students. They playfully chastised their noisy guests, many of whom were no doubt colleagues from the educational field, and the guests in turn, amused at being portrayed as naughty students, catcalled and cheered in response.

It was a very lively, cheerful evening, and our music was constantly accompanied by the happy buzz of conversation and good fun. The audience was appreciative of our efforts, encouraging us with generous amounts of applause.

Before the night was over, there was one last chance encounter in store for me with someone else whom I’d met before: a woman who had been seated next to the stage with her husband and adorable little son approached me between sets to tell me that she was a good friend of an actress I often work with, and had watched us both in our most recent play.

Congratulations once again, Adrian and Jasmine, and we’re so glad to have been part of your special night! Here’s wishing you (and your many feline companions) a blissful, fulfilling life together.

Band: Hsin Yeow, Eleanor, Sharon, Fabian

L-R: Hsin Yeow, Eleanor, Adrian, Jasmine, Sharon, Fabian



The Blower’s Daughter (1st march-in), All I Ask Of You, Somewhere Out There, (Let’s Do It) Let’s Fall In Love, I’ve Got A Crush On You, Let There Be Love, The Way You Look Tonight, It Had To Be You, La Vie En Rose

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (2nd march-in), Time After Time, Two Words, Love Is Here To Stay, 甜蜜蜜 (Honey Sweet), And I Love You So, Collide, In My Life, She, She’s The One, Somebody, Together Forever, You And Me


Hi Hsin Yeow

Hope this email finds you well 🙂 we’re really sorry for this late email, but we just want to THANK YOU GUYS for making our wedding a memorable one!

The quartet was an excellent combination, and our guests simply loved you guys 🙂 many commended that you and Eleanor were really great singers, and you guys made our wedding complete. We really appreciate all you have done for us, and I’m glad that my good friend Mei Yu will be engaging you guys to sing for her wedding too 🙂

Have a great 2011 ahead!

Adrian and Jasmine