Bevlyn’s thoughts: Some Kind Of Wonderful

In Yvette’s own words:

If there is anything distinctive abt our time together, I’d think it is how we have influenced each other in our originally different likes and preferences. Like how he used to cringe when we watch my favourite taiwan variety program… to being the one who’d wake up early to catch a re-run! Or how I used to think reality tv gameshows are a waste of time…. only to bet my last dollar on the amazing race winner!

In Andy’s own words:

There are just so many memorable moments it’s hard to pinpoint any single one of them. We’ve had many wonderful holidays together… & you won’t believe the joy we get even with mundane stuff like groceries shopping & having meals. Oh! & have I mentioned how Yvette is really good at surprises?! There’s this one time when she bought 2 music CDs (Coldplay & About a Boy) as a birthday present for me but she’d not tell me & then wrapped the CDs in such a way that you can’t even tell those are CDs! & that actually means it’s tough to surprise her back so if I managed to email this without her reading the drafted version in Microsoft Word; then I’d have scored a huge point!

It’s not difficult to see how in love this couple is with each other! It’s interesting to see how two individuals come together to become more and more like the other, and for Andy and Yvette, this is only the beginning!

Some lovely photos courtesy of One Eye Click:





L-R: Ein Ein, Bevlyn, Andy, Yvette, Junxiong, Jixiang

Band: Junxiong, Bevlyn, Ein Ein, Ji Xiang


For Your Babies (1st March In), Some Kind Of Wonderful, Beautiful In My Eyes, La Vie En Rose, 愛是永恆 (Love Is Eternal), 但愿人长久 (May All Live Well And Long), Just The Way You Are, Kiss me, What A Difference A Day Made, Lucky

Close To You (2nd March-in), Moon River, Yellow, Glory Of Love, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), 月圆花好 (Beautiful Moon, Lovely Flowers), Rainbow Connection, Make It With You, Dream A Little Dream, Way Back Into Love

Song To Recommend:

Some Kind Of Wonderful: A song which I tremendously enjoyed singing (and learning)! A totally relaxing and cruising kind of song which probably is what you feel like when you’re with the one you love.

Compliments From Andy & Yvette:

Hi Bevlyn,

How are you? We have received some images from One Eye Click & here are some taken of Lil Dream.
Hope to see u guys around more often in the future, as we didn’t have the luxury to sit through your performance during our wedding event. Though from pockets of observation and feedback from guests, we are happy we made the right decision to go with Lil Dream. Particularly more so as you have commented that some of our song selections aren’t the typical ones that you may have performed, but u guys have simply hit the right notes (pun not intended). =P
Do convey our thanks to Junxiong who did a fabulous job as a bilingual emcee as well. Thank you for being part of our special day and we wish you many more to come.


Yvette & Andy