Ariel’s thoughts:

Photos Courtesy of Eng Hong 39East

Band: Ariel, Jerome, Qiuyun, Melvin


From This Moment (1st March-in), Lucky (2nd March-in), 爱很简单 (Love is Simple), Every Day I Love You, 追,  第一次 (The First Time), 星晴 (Brightest Star in the Clearest Sky), I Do (Cherish You), Wonderful Tonight,  今生今世 (This Lifetime), Finally Found, Dreaming of You Tonight, 默契 (Mutual Understanding), Somewhere Out There, Eternal Flame, L-O-V-E, Fly Me to the Moon, 今生注定 (Destined), For Longer Than Forever, From Now On, 爱得真好 (Good to be in Love), I Finally Found Someone

Compliments from Cheryl:

Hi Ariel and Jerome,

Thanks so much for the wonderful music on our wedding!

Thank you especially for performing for us on such short notice (and dealing with fickle lil me and my song changes heh), and for staying till so late. Things were just so hectic!

But you guys did a fantastic job! We received many compliments from our friends and family and passed out many contacts too 😉

We only wish we could have spent some time talking to all of you. Next time for sure, should we organise a party or event!

Take care and all the best!