Bevlyn’s thoughts: I’m Yours

Geok En and I go a long way back to our secondary school days; I was her NCO in NCC, when she was just an innocent cadet in unseasoned and oversized uniforms. 😀

It was definitely a pleasure for me to perform at one of the most important events in her life; it was also a mini-gathering with the other cadets making up a whole table! Needless to say, there was a lot of fascination at how some things have changed and some things have not. 🙂


Geok En and Wei Yang came down in July to Esplanade to support one of my performances, in which I did 2 full sets of French jazz chansons. They loved the songs so much they decided to have a few for their wedding. However, most French chansons are triste, and so they finally decided on the all romantic La Vie En Rose as their 1st march-in song. The version by Celine Dion certainly set the right ambience for the 1st march-in.

The couple is such a HUGE fan of Jason Mraz they actually used “I’m Yours” for both the photo montage and the video highlights. But what was more amazing was to hear 2 different acoustic versions (one slow and one faster than the album version) which I had never heard prior to that!

The two male emcees were Wei Yang’s good friends, and their animated and casual banter easily grabbed everyone’s attention and applause. But one thing about getting good friends as emcees is – sabo. They blindfolded Wei Yang and asked him to touch and feel, and kiss 4 ‘candidates’ hands. Except for Geok En, the other 3 were all men of course. And Wei Yang did not disappoint, he recognised his wife’s hands very soon after he touched hers!

A group of friends did a spontaneous dedication of “你最珍贵” to the couple, and the band gladly took the song on!

Thank you Geok En and Wei Yang, it was really a very wonderful wedding. Here’s wishing the two of you many happy years ahead! *Not forgetting bountiful babies, a promise made by Wei Yang to her grandmother, announced so boldly to all the guests* 😀

L-R: Ein Ein, Bevlyn, Wilson
L-R: Ein Ein, Bevlyn, Geok En, Wei Yang, Wilson

Band: Bevlyn, Ein Ein, Wilson


La Vie En Rose (1st March-in), L-O-V-E (1st dish), Fly Me To The Moon, C’est Si Bon, Close To You, 流星下的愿 (Wish Upon A Fallen Star), 当你孤单你会想起谁 (Who Will You Think Of When You’re Lonely?), I’m Yours, When I Am 64

Perhaps Love, Butterfly Kisses, At the Beginning, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, 采紅菱 (Harvesting Red Caltrops), Love Of A Lifetime, Lost In Your Eyes, 爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple), 当我八十岁 (When I’m 80), Imagine Me Without You, True, Lucky, Everything

Song To Recommend:

流星下的愿 (From musical 雪狼湖 Snow Wolf Lake) (Wish Upon A Fallen Star) – This is a wonderful song if you are a fan!

Love Of A Lifetime by Firehouse – I am a fan of this song. It sounds very good too when performed as a ballad.

Compliments From Geok En:


Heh, people were still raving about you and your band’s performance weeks after the wedding!  When I went back to work about a week later, some of my colleagues came up to me and said they totally enjoyed the band’s performance!

They thought it give the usual wedding banquet a different atmosphere to it, a very light-hearted and happy one as one of my colleagues puts it! =) Heh, my cousin is already thinking about engaging you guys for her wedding next Nov…. =p

Thank you once again for everything! Hope will have a chance to see you/A Little Dream soon!

Take care and God Bless!

Geok En