Junxiong’s thoughts: Till The End…

Jeffrey and Jaslyn is one of the rare few couples whom I have met with more than 10yrs of relationship (11.5yrs to be precise.. Wow!). That really makes us envy. Their relationship started to sparkle off ever since 1998 when Jeffrey was still in his Poly days while Jaslyn is still mugging in her Junior College. Their wedding theme is also very well coordinated with all the sisters in attractive pink dresses while the brothers are in smart tops with a tinge of pink.

To add on, Jeffrey and Jaslyn also has an unforgettable and memorable wedding photo montage with all their shots beautifully taken in New Zealand. With the snowy mountains and serene lakes as their scenic backdrop, one could easily be mesmerized by these wedding shots! I was also introduced to a very loving and sentimental song “Till The End” during Jeffrey and Jaslyn’s wedding, which they have chosen for their 2nd march-in. The lyrics are exceptionally meaningful and melt my heart:

“All these precious moments With you by my side
Must be a gift from heaven That’s holding me all night
I don’t know how I found you I’m thankful that I have
Now that I have a love so true To hold to keep to share
In my heart I can no longer hold inside
All of the love I used to hide I’ll always be
With you until the very end
In this world there’s no place I’d rather be
You are my life my soul my girl
And through it all I know you’re come to see
That you’re the one Till the end… ”

Hi Jeffrey and Jaslyn, Congratulations to you again. Thank you for having us to share your joy and pleasure at this joyous and important occasion. We sincerely wish you countless years of blissful marriage and happiness ahead (till the end…)! ^_^

Thanks to 1950 Photography for the two lovely photos below

Hui Bing, Jun Xiong & James


The Gift (1st March-In), 当 我八十岁 (When I Am 80), Lovely, 小手拉大手 (Small Hands Holding Onto Bigger Hands), Bubbly, Kiss Me, 恋之憩 (Love Dock), Love Of My Life, Built To Last, 你的名字我的姓 (Your Name, My Surname), 爱爱 (Love Love)

Somebody Till The End (2nd March-In), Be My Friend Be My Love, 明明很愛你 (Indeed, I Love You), At The Beginning, We Could Be In Love, Lucky, 小夫妻 (Small Couple), 小酒窩 (Small Dimples), 流星下的願 (Wishes Under The Falling Stars), Way Back Into Love, 期待爱 (Anticipating Love)


Hi Hsin Yeow,

Sorry for the delay in the reply as we are still waiting for the photographer to pass us the actual day photos.

Junxiong and Hui Bing are simply marvelous and our guests enjoyed the songs very much.  Some even thought that we are playing original CDs! Many commented that Junxiong is a great bilingual emcee as well.

It’s a pity that we did not really have a chance to sit down and enjoy the band’s performance. Please help us convey our thanks to the band – we did not have a chance to talk and interact with them that day.

Thanks again for the wonderful performance and helping to make the wedding a success! 🙂

Jeffrey & Jaslyn

p/s: We will send you another email when we receive the actual day photos. Here’s one prewedding photo taken in NZ