Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 只有为你 (Only For You)

About two and a half years after dating Hui Zhi, Warren knew she was the one for him. Popping the question was easy, but he wanted to find the right moment. Hence, he asked Hui Zhi’s mum for permission to travel with Hui Zhi to Genting trip on the pretext of celebrating her birthday.

They spent an unforgettable day at the Outdoor Theme Park in Genting, queuing up for the rides and exploring the park together. One of the stops was the Ferris Wheel. While they were in the cabin, Warren took out a small Watson’s plastic bag and said it was for Hui Zhi. She never suspected that the humble plastic bag contained an engagement ring! Although Warren tried to kneel down, the space inside the cabin was too small for him to do so. Still it didn’t affect Hui Zhi’s reply to Warren’s question, “Will you marry me?”


After listening to Warren’s proposal story, I wondered if he could make it up to Hui Zhi during the banquet. I spoke to Warren at length, and persuaded him to reenact the proposal scene; only this time, do it right by going down on bended knee.

Hui Zhi didn’t suspect a thing. When I announced that Warren would be proposing to Hui Zhi again, she was so moved that tears of happiness starting welling up in her eyes. The guests gave Warren much applause when he kneeled on stage and proposed once more to Hui Zhi. The photographer went crazy trying to capture all the beautiful moments in this spontaneous reenactment of the proposal.

Congratulations Warren and Hui Zhi. Especially Warren, for taking my suggestion to surprise Hui Zhi. You rock!

Band: Hsin Yeow, Bevlyn, Linus, Ivan


Le Festin (1st dish presentation), Something Stupid, Way Back Into Love, Dream A Little Dream, Quando Quando Quando, 戀愛頻率 (Love Frequency), 天天夜夜 (Every Day And Night), 愛和承諾 (Love And Promises), Fallen, We’ve Only Just Begun, There’s A Kind Of Hush, 最浪漫的事 (The Most Romantic Thing)

只有为你 (2nd March In) (Only For You), L-O-V-E, The Look Of Love, You’re Still The One, Happy Together, Sway, Shower Me With Your Love, 老实情歌 (Honest Love Song), 每天爱你多一些 (Every Day I Love You More), 你的名字我的姓氏 (Your Name, My Surname), 做你的男人 (Being Your Man), 嫁給我 (Marry Me)

Songs To Recommend:

Hui Zhi is a big fan of Harlem Yu (庾澄庆) so she chose two of his classics. Initially she wanted to play the CD for her second march-in, but I persuaded her to let me sing it live!

只有为你 (Only For You)

老实情歌 (Honest Love Song)


Le Festin – a whimsical tune from the movie Ratatouille. A challenging song but Bevlyn pulled it off admirably!