Bevlyn’s thoughts: Kiss Of Life 

It was actually my first time performing at the Marina Mandarin poolside, imagine that after 6 years of wedding-singing! But I think it shows that more and more couples are taking to the idea of alfresco settings, and the poolside at Marina Mandarin boosts of the lovely swimming pool (of course), the nice poolside seats for the early guests to sit on before being ushered to the banquet area; and the banquet area has antique-looking ceiling fans – nice!

But the open concept proved to be hard for the band to hide themselves – well, we were actually a surprise gift from the bride to the groom, who loves music a lot! Chevelle painstakingly chose songs which she thought Daniel would love, and we knew she struck at least one jackpot when Daniel told me that I sang his favourite song ‘ 一人一半’. 😀

This is quite an extraordinary wedding in the sense that the music was all ‘live’ (no playing of cds at all). We were roped in to perform ‘Kiss of life’ for the photo montage while the slides ran, and ‘Nobody’ for the actual day photo montage. We were quite apprehensive at first if the live music and the montages would sync well enough, but our worries were unfounded so that was cool!

Some great songs you may consider using for your photo montages, march-in(s), or even get the live band to perform include:

Kiss Of Life – this cool relaxing number (by either originally Sade or Olivia) works wonder for montages, I feel 🙂
Finally (Fergie) – the excellent lyrics tell it all
At Your Best (Aaliyah) – a soothing song to relax your guests!
An angelic girl came up to me in her white dress and tiny tiara while I was singing halfway, and said “You sing very nice!”. Instantly my heart melted to a pool of mush. As if she was not convincing enough, she came up to me a second time round after a few more songs and repeated the same compliment to me. I nearly wanted to bring this cute button home! She turned out to be Daniel’s niece by the way 🙂

L-R: Bevlyn, Isabelle, Genevieve (the latter being the little girl with the huge lung power who kept shrieking in delight when she saw Chevelle in the beautiful pink gown during the 2nd march-in!!)

Band: Bevlyn, Fabian & Jixiang

L-R: Bevlyn, Chevelle, Daniel, Fabian & Jixiang


Kiss of Life (1st Montage song), Two Words, I Do (1st March-in), So Nice, L-O-V-E, Finally, 勇氣 (Courage), 一人一半 (Half for You and Half for Me), You Are Still the One, We Could Be in Love, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), 当我八十岁 (When I’m 80), At Your Best, Same Side of the Moon

Nobody (2nd Montage song), I Finally Found Someone (2nd March-in), Fly Me to the Moon, Only Hope, By Your Side, 与你到永久 (With You Forever), 我只在乎你 (You’re the One I Care About), You Give Good Love, I’m Yours

Compliments:  Thanks
Dear Belvyn,Thanks for the wonderful performance… Sorry for this late note, as we were away for our honeymoon right after and had to spend some time settling down..

Anyway, Daniel & I really loved your singing and wished we would have videoed down the whole performance!  Daniel even asked me why I didn’t ask you for your autograph, since I had your CD with me that night! Any way that I can get that now?? 😉

Thanks once again!

Daniel & Chevelle