Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Lady In Red

First of all, I was surprised to find out soon after I arrive at the ballroom that Don and I have some common friends! One of them was the male emcee Adrian who whipped up all the Mandarin he had, and I have to say, he did a good job to put everyone at ease 🙂

I had not met Don and Melissa before their wedding day, and every time I spoke with Melissa over the telephone, her sweet voice led me to an image of a demure girl. Don’t get me wrong, Melissa looks every inch the sweet and demure girl I imagined, but….she has a tattoo on the back of her shoulder! Wooooo, girl power!!

Don matched that with his manly demeanor, easily demonstrated when he took up the role of the ‘yum’seng’ conductor by waving his arms in the air for ‘more’ – it really was one of the longest yum-seng session I’d ever witnessed, and guess what, with thunderous applause from everyone at the end of it! He promptly took up the microphone after the yum-seng to thank his guests, especially those from US, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines and etc. What a congregation!

Melissa’s songlist for me was a good mixture of English pop, classics, and Mandarin pop songs. I seldom get the chance to sing this song, and I was glad I did – Lady in Red. Incidentally, Melissa’s second gown was in red!


Congratulations to Don and Melissa! May your love for each other blossomed more and more over the years!


L-R: Sharon, Melissa, Don & Bevlyn

Band: Bevlyn &Sharon

Repertoire: A Moment Like This (1st March-in), Dream A Little Dream, We’ve Only Just Begun, You’re Still The One, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Three Times A Lady, Here And Now, Have I Told You Lately, 勇气 (Courage), You Light Up My Life, Sometimes When We Touch, Love Story (2nd March-in), Lady In Red, Angels Brought Me Here, 遇上爱 (Meeting Love), From This Moment, Fly Me To The Moon, Because You Love Me, 无条件为你 (For You, Unconditionally), A Love Song (To Show You How I Feel), 愛很简单