Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Pretty World

Ivan and Shermaine’s wedding dinner was a friendly affair, we simply felt the buzz! Maybe the energy was partly brought on by Shermaine, who is the poster girl for Citibank. In his speech, Ivan quipped, “Everyday I buy the newspapers, everywhere I turn, I see your face. I see so much of your face and so little of the news I wonder why I buy the newspapers at all….”  Ah-ha! We wonder why only Ivan experiences that 🙂

Now…what do you think they are doing?

It’s amazing what brothers will do for one another, isn’t it? Ivan told all the guests that Shermaine never got a decent proposal from him, and so he decided to have a proper proposal at the banquet. And this is what I would call a royal-style proposal with the prince leading a string of knights, all on their knees, to win a ‘yes’ from a lady. 🙂

Ian and I enjoyed the songs selected by the couple, and we’d like to thank the guests for their wonderful applause. Here’s wishing Ivan and Shermaine all the very best in their journey together as husband and wife, and may we see many gorgeous babies soon!

L to R: Ian, Shermaine, Ivan & Bevlyn

Band: Bevlyn & Ian


La Vie En Rose, Fly Me To The Moon, Besame Mucho, Quando Quando Quando, Always, Loving You, You Were There, Wonderful Tonight, Let There Be Love, How Deep Is Your Love, Lost In Paradise, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Pretty World, 爱很简单 (Love Is Simple), Now And Forever, Dancing In The Moonlight, When A Man Loves A Woman, Feel So Good, If I Ain’t Got You, Because You Loved Me, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), I’m Yours

Compliments from Couple:

Hi Bev,

Thanks for the Blessings, the Guests definitely enjoyed your performances and a few friends did come up to me to ask about your Band and I provided them your contacts.

We just came back from our S.Africa & Mauritius Honeymoon last week but unfortunately right now im suffering in Army Reservist.

Shermaine will send you a couple of our pre-wedding pics this coming week. In fact if im not wrong, our wedding shots are also up in this month’s September Style Wedding magazine. I will go check later if its true.

In meantime, do take care, look forward to working with you again on events in the near future,thanks for adding us to your blog.

Ivan & Shermaine