Jerome’s thoughts: Over The Rainbow

The ballroom was decorated with lots of balloon which seemed to transcend love that afternoon. It was quite a memorable wedding as Kel Win’s brother made a very touching speech about his love and happiness for Kel Win and Hwan Cui.

There was also a very video clip about how Kel Win and Hwan Cui got together, and the interesting thing was, it was specially done up by both of them. Hwan Cui took the efforts to explain the journey of their relationship. To be able to be together and complete the journey has not been easy for them, and the commendable quality about Kel Win was that he did not give up his pursuit for happiness; during their University life in UK, he took a chance by asking Hwan Cui to marry him!

Once again, it was a touching story and we wish that both Kel Win and Hwan Cui stay happily ever after!

We had fun singing at their wedding as the audiences were very spontaneous in giving us applause after every song… Thank you for inviting us to your wedding!

Band: Jerome, Ariel & Ein Ein


Over the Rainbow (1st March-in), 一人一半 (Half for You and Half for Me), 我只在乎你 (You’re the One I Care About), When I’m Sixty-Four, I Finally Found Someone, 小夫妻 (Lovely Couple), Close to You, At the Beginning, 但愿人长久 (May We be Together Forever), Melody, 被风吹过的夏天 (The Summer of Breezes)

和世界面对面 (Facing the World) (2nd March-in), Time of My Life, Come Away with Me, Now and Forever, Quando, Quando, Quando, Cheek to Cheek, 天天夜夜 (Day and Night), 爱得正好 (Loving You at the Right Time), 爱转动 (Spinning Love), Life Could be A Dream, 当我想起你 (When I Think of You)