Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: No One Else Could Love You More!

Kelvin was one of our dream clients. He didn’t request to meet or listen to our sample recordings prior to engaging us. (Not that we mind if other clients wish to check us out beforehand; we were just flattered that Kelvin had so much faith in us.)

He also had no problems deciding which songs to sing for his wedding. As we were supposed to be a surprise for Kelvin’s lovely wife, Yvette, we were given the song list of a CD that Yvette had prepared for the wedding. Even though Kelvin had no idea what the songs sounded like, he knew for sure that they were Yvette’s favourites. And I must say Yvette has great taste!

We were extremely impressed with the Meritus Mandarin. The sound system was excellent, and the staff were obliging (Dan, the sound technician) and conscientious (upon learning that I was also the emcee for the wedding, one of the staff walked me through the programme, and briefed me on what to say at every step).

The icing on the cake was the warm response from the audience. Usually, we’d be satisfied if we get some scattered applause throughout the evening, but Kelvin’s guests clapped enthusiastically after every song. Suffice it to say, Bevlyn and I were over the moon.


Back (L-R) – Hsin Yeow, Bevlyn
Front (L-R) – Peter, Wilson

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This was our first time working with (Dr) Peter, who’s a gifted musician (he plays the keyboard, violin, guitar and drums, among others). A fan of Bach‘s music, he actually made a violin and cello from scratch. Technical lessons weren’t wasted on him, that’s for sure!


We had to learn quite a few songs for Kelvin’s wedding, including More, Do That To Me One More Time, So Much In Love, Lovin’ You, Never Knew Love Like This Before and Through The Years. But we loved these new songs, especially More and Do That To Me One More Time; they have beautiful melodies, and were very shiok! to sing.

Endless Love (1st march), I Do (Cherish You), From This Moment, More, Do That To Me One More Time, So Much In Love, Quando Quando Quando, Lovin’ You, Longer, Never Knew Love Like This Before, Through The Years, I Love You

Wedding Tips:

(1) Suprise your spouse by engaging a live band
(2) Ask the band to play all your favourite love songs!