Jeremy’s Thoughts: All Star Concert ~!!!

I’ve experienced one or two guests or the groom coming to the stage to sing with the band but this is by far the first wedding I experienced so many friends and relatives of the bride and groom coming up and to perform for the occasion and boy were they good! And I’m not saying for the sake of it!

From as little as age 10 and the other 18, two nieces of the bride or groom sang ‘I’m Yours’. Sang so confidently I was impressed ! Seemed as though as they were having their own mini concert. Another kid (think he’s about 12?), I won’t mention who because he was chatting up our female vocalist Averil. HAHA he was doing a great job of the song ‘Hold My Hand’ by MJ & Akon. And he was pulling off some serious dance moves made famous by Michael Jackson himself! You people must be thinking i’m exaggerating but i’m absolutely not!

A few others such as the Groom or Bride’s brother and sister came up to sing as well to dedicate songs to the couple. All this in the midst of taking pictures with the guests. The couple had to wait for them to finish singing before resuming the photo taking ! LOL All in all it was a very eventful night.I do remember the Groom, Lee Sung, who’s a doctor mind you, while making a speech, without any notes in hand, thanked all the parties involved in helping make his wedding a successful one.  He named all the companies and individuals including us A Little Dream as well purely from memory! Last but not least he gave a solid performance singing the song 小薇 to his beloved. What a great way to end the evening! Certainly had a great time singing as well as enjoying the performances by the talents in the ballroom.

Lee Sung & Nellie

Band: Averil, Jeremy, Melvin, Jeremy Yeo & James


Jeremy & Avril

Jeremy & Avril

Jeremy Yeo



Way Back into Love (1st March-in), Lucky (2nd March-in), 我只在乎你 (I Only Care about You), 至少还有你 (There’s Still You), Eternal Flame, A Moment Like This, Forever Love, Angels Brought Me Here, Now and Forever, Just The Way You Are, It Might be You, The Gift, Dream A Little Dream

Sung by Lee Sung and Nellie’s friends:

I’m Yours, You & Me, Hold My Hand, 小薇 (Xiao Wei), 雪人 (Snowman), 喜欢你 (Liking You), 爱很简单 (Love is Simple)