Bevlyn’s Thoughts: 绝不能失去你 (Can’t Do Without You) + Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

I really have to give kudos to Lindt for the ideas she came up with for her wedding. First off, everyone watched a photo montage which feature the couple’s parents; everyone laughed when they saw Lindt’s father throwing a Bruce Lee high kick in one of the pictures! Then the parents marched in to Matthew and Lim Hui’s instrumental rendition of 最浪漫的事 (The Most Romantic Thing).

Then Lindt and Luc shared another photo montage, photos specially put together which showed them from their childhood to when they were together as a couple. The couple marched in to the tune of the traditional wedding march. I think the trend of playing the instrumental wedding march for weddings is back! 🙂

And instead of the usual piped music for the 1st dish presentation, the couple got the live band to perform a French classic C’est Si Bon“, which  literally means ” It’s So Good”. Definitely a good song to kick start the banquet!

And this is just the 1st half 🙂

The 2nd half of the wedding was certainly full of surprises for the guests. Lim Hui stood in the center of the stage and played “Canon in D” to Matthew’s piano accompaniment. The couple marched in to the left of the dance floor, and the live music faded away. In place of that was a lovely song played from CD to accompany the couple on a waltz item. Luc had initially wanted the idea to be called off, and I’m so glad  that they went ahead with the idea in the end, because they were so lovely in that dance!

After the speech, Lindt sprung a surprise on Luc by singing a medley of 2 songs – 绝不能失去你 (Can’t Do Without You) + Can’t Take My Eyes Off You. For someone who kept claiming to the band that she can’t sing, I thought she was very intelligent to string the 2 songs together like this:(From “绝不能失去你”)
oh baby baby baby my baby baby
你手心 你声音 还占领我的心
怎能忘 想你就像是呼吸
oh baby baby baby my baby baby
不管你在哪里 我一定会找到

(From “Can’t take my eyes off you”)
i love you baby and if it’s quite all right
i need you baby to warm the lonely nights
i love you baby, trust in me when i say
i love you baby, don’t let me down i pray

i love you baby, now that i’ve found you stay
and let me love you baby, let me love you

The most hilarious part for me was how Lindt tried to steal moments away from Luc to come over to us and try to do a quick rehearsal. Luc came over twice and we had to pretend we were just discussing ‘stuff’. Those were indeed heart attack moments 🙂

And here’s an excerpt of what Lindt wrote to us about her love story with Luc:

We met in poly. ….. I didnt have a good impression of him as his phone always ring in the lecture hall, and his dress code is horrible. Never iron his T-shirt, and wear slipper. But a few of my classmates say he is cute… well…. that make me look a few more eyes at him and found him not too bad……

He say he set his eyes on me because i am a Ah Lian. I am not! I just normally wear short skirt and top tank to school with dye hair. Typical poly student. haha!
We found out alot of uncommon things among both of us. I like to dance, he hate it. I like to eat, he hates it. I like to go out, he is homely. I like adventure bagpack tour, he prefers to take the normal path. But i guess opposite attracts.
He is most non-romantic guy on earth. I was in paris for studies, and all i get was a pack of fried onion 🙁
Nevertheless, he is the wonderful guy who cheers me up when i am down. Give me encouragement when i am low on morale at work. Take care of me when i am sick. Give in to me in all the things i want in life. Never tie me down in my social life, take dance class with me although i know he hates it soooooo much. haha! And yes, i “force” him to take wedding dance class with me, and surprising he say ok.”

The couple had the biggest croqembouche I have ever seen in my life. They had this French wedding cake ordered to mark the special period of sweet moments they shared when Lindt was overseas in France for her studies…

I love Lindt and Luc’s wedding pics because they took some of them at the fruit stall of Lindt’s granny, and the flower stall of Lindt’s mum, who is a florist.

Our heartiest congratulations to Luc and Lindt!!

Band: Bevlyn, Matthew, Lin Hui

L-R: Mathew, Luc, Lindt, Bevlyn & Lim Hui


最浪漫的事 (The Most Romantic Thing) (Parents’ March-in), Traditional Wedding March (Couple’s 1st March-in), C’est Si Bon, Quando Quando Quando, Can’t Help Falling in Love, Dream a Little Dream of Me, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), 甜蜜蜜 (Sweetness), 就是爱你 (Just Loving You), 简单爱 (Simple Love)

Canon in D (2nd march-in), 绝不能失去你 (Can’t Do Without You) + Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Lindt’s serenade), Fly Me to the Moon, Angels Brought Me Here, I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing, 每天爱你多一些 (Loving You More Each Day), 我的依賴 (I Depend on You), Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Sway, Can’t Take My Eyes off You, Save the Last Dance, Nobody

Compliments from the couple:

Hi Bevlyn,
It was such a wonderful performance from your team!
Thank you for helping me to arrange the surprise for Luc during the speech. Althought i cannot sing well, you gave me lots of encouragement and ensured me that all things would go smoothly. And also thanks for all the lovely 1st & 2nd march-in music that i always wanted too!
In fact, many guests asked me for your contact! That shows how good you are 🙂

Luc & Lindt