Bevlyn’s thoughts: Feel So Good

Randy and Lee Fen knew about the band when they attended (the superstar groom) Silas’ wedding last year. We were flattered to be roped in for the wedding, and at least for me, I had a good time singing the contemporary numbers which are seldom heard in weddings, for e.g. Head Over Feet, You Gotta Be, etc.

A moment when I was grateful for having GPRS in my mobile phone was when a guest came up to us and requested for Rainbow Connection. That’s just about the emergency situation when I would tap into GPRS – when I need lyrics urgently 🙂

Other than being shoved buckets of alcohol down his throat, Randy was also sabo-ed by good friends, one of them Silas, to sing a song for Lee Fen. Of course the band was more than happy to join in the fun. Randy gamely agreed, went up the stage to the rostrum, looked at my lyrics and sang 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart). Though a little nervous at the beginning since there was no rehearsal, it was not long at all before he found his footing and sang with the brothers waving candles side to side on the other end of the ballroom. What a sight!

Thank you Randy and Lee Fen, we hope you had a blast! Here’s wishing you a great beginning to lifelong bliss!

Band: Bevlyn & Ein Ein



Someone Like You (1st march-in), La Vie En Rose, Yellow, 小情歌 (Love Song), You And Me Song, But I Do Love You, The Way I Am,  Loving You, For No Reason, 遇到愛 (Encountering Love), Built To Last

Feels So Good (2nd march-in), Pretty World, 有你的快樂 (The Happiness Of Having You), 当我八十岁 (When I’m 80), Sway, Head Over Feet, You Gotta Be, When You Say You Love Me, Way Back into Love, If I Ain’t Got You

Song To Recommend:

When the couple asked me which songs would be good for march-in(s), I instantaneously picked these 2 songs out:

Someone Like You by Shawn Colvin – This song cannot be more suitable because of its lyrics. Preview music here.

Feels So Good by Olivia – I love the samba beat, and its groove works well if you want an upbeat 2nd march-in!