Serene’s thoughts: Come What May

The wedding of Terence and Cindy was held at the Marina Mandarin Singapore. The couple decided on a selection of songs for the evening which had one thing in common: they were songs that were extremely romantic, with moving melodies and lyrics.

I felt too, the songs were very reflective of Terence and Cindy, as well as their love for each other. From the morning “gate crashing” events, Terence was spotted (with his brothers) eating some scary looking food items, serenading the bride, reading out a vow to win his lovely bride. There was always a nice smile and kind demeanor around Terence and Cindy. They were such a sweet and loving couple.
L-R: Cindy, Terence, Wilson & Serene

It was the first time I paid attention to the lyrics of “Come What May”. Two stanzas which I felt were written with such perfection about life, love and finding that someone.

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place
Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace
Suddenly my life doesn’t seem such a waste
It all revolves around youAnd there’s no mountain too high no river too wide
Sing out this song and I’ll be there by your side
Storm clouds may gather and stars may collide
But I love you until the end of time

Thank you, Terence and Cindy for engaging “A Little Dream” on your special day. Our congratulations and best wishes to you both!

Band: Serene & Wilson


My Valentine (1st march-in), I Finally Found Someone, Come What May, How Deep Is Your Love, Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You, Now And Forever, I’m Yours, For The First Time, Love Me, Your Song, Can’t Help Falling In Love, Tonight I Celebrate My Love, Something Stupid, Lucky, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), 天天夜夜 (Day And Night), 小夫妻 (Couple), 我是真的付出我的爱 (I’m Really Giving You My Love), 爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple), 恋爱频率, (Love Frequency) 在我生命中的每一天 (Every Day In My Life), More Than Words, Love Is All Around