Bevlyn’s thoughts: 就是爱你 (Just Loving You)

I met up with Shanyi in Feb earlier this year to find out more about the wedding song she wanted me to write for her hubby Zijie. Listening to their love story, and meeting and hearing her for myself definitely helped me to capture their personalities, which is critical for creation of the song 🙂

Time flashed by – I came up with the song, she filled in the lyrics, I got my musicians to come up with the music arrangement, we went to studio to record her voice, and voila some minor post-production editing and we’re good to go. The song was intended to be embedded in a photo montage presentation Shanyi had done for Zijie, as a surprise.

Before the 1st march-in, I witnessed the best wedding ideo I had ever seen – an artistic documentary which brought out the love story and emotions with the couple’s acting, capturing only their hands/bodies and walking etc, never once showing their faces. Shanyi’s voice was amazing in delivering their love story too. Wish I could share with you!

The 1st  march-in started with a good friend singing a cappella to the tune of 就是爱你 (Just Loving You):
就是爱你爱着你甜蜜又安心, 那种感觉就是你

Then the live band, Chiou Yun on piano and Jixiang on guitar, came in and supported his singing while Zijie and Shanyi marched in to the stage for their cake-cutting.

The couple had a couple more videos to share with the guests; the 1st one being the express highlights for the customary wedding that morning (as shown in the picture below), and the other one was introduced by Melvin, the best man. He had interviewed Zijie and Shanyi on their relationship separately, and the video gave the guests a deeper insight of the dynamics between the newly-wedded.

Melvin giving a speech before showing the video interview of the couple
After the couple’s interview video, Melvin then told Zijie to brace himself for a surprise from Shanyi – a photo montage of them with Shanyi’s singing the song we composed together . Of course Zijie was totally taken aback by the gesture 🙂

But Shanyi would never have imagined that Zijie would go out of his way too on their wedding day – he had conspired with the band to perform ‘Love Me Tender’ to serenade his bride. Going by her expression, Shanyi was totally (happily) shocked. After singing one round of the song, Zijie invited Shanyi for a dance onstage while the band continued with the instrumental version of the song.

We had such a splendid time performing (though Chiou Yun got a slight migraine that evening). Here’s us taking a breather outside the ballroom while waiting for the 2nd march-in:

Bevlyn and Chiou Yun
Our heartiest congratulations to Zijie and Shanyi! Best wishes and cheers to a blissful marriage!

Band: Bevlyn, Zheng Quan, Chiou Yun, Jixiang


就是爱你 (Just Loving You), 遇见 (Encounter), 流星下的愿 (The Wish Upon a Falling Star), 恋爱频率 (Frequency of Love), 爱是永恒 (Love is Eternal),黑白配 (Ebony and Ivory), 在我生命中的每一天 (Everyday of My Life), 另一个天堂 (The Other Heaven), 一人一半 (Half for You and Half for Me), 夜来香 (Tuberose), 万水千山总是情 (It All Comes Down to Love), 南海姑娘 (The Hainanese Girl)

Love Will Keep Us Alive – 2nd march-in, In the Still of the Night, Someone to Watch Over Me, Something Stupid, When You Say Nothing At All, The Way You Look Tonight, Quando Quando Quando, For Once in My Life, Fly Me to the Moon, Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?, L-O-V-E , I’m Yours