Bevlyn’s thoughts: P.S. I love you

“P.S. I love you!” was what Barbara typed to Dennis in one of her ICQ messages. Despite being a modern woman, I still have to salute Barbara for her courage to express her feelings so boldly for the man she likes! Hence, it’s not hard to figure that Barbara is the more outspoken one while Dennis is the more laid-back one. As the saying goes, ‘opposite attracts’. But there were many interests shared by the couple as well: one of the things that attracted Dennis to Barbara was her interest in soccer, specifically EPL at one period of time. Another common thing they share is their love for dogs – Momo is one cute little one living with them now!

One thing I liked about the wedding was the animation – the couple shared their thoughts on how they felt for each other in the initial stages, and I thought it was definitely something which got the guests more involved in the whole celebration of love between them, rather than showing childhood photos per se.

For the 1st march-in, it was a well-orchestrated affair – spotlight was aimed at our saxophonist Wang, who played the intro for La Vie En Rose; when I started to sing the verse, the ballroom door then opened and Barbara and Dennis marched-in to everyone’s applause.

The 2nd march-in was more ‘happening’ – the band performed the rock and roll piece “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” because Dennis wore a cowboy hat (a smart cut specially flown in from USA via internet purchase) to match Barbara’s gorgeous sequined black gown, and that certainly worked up the guests!

Barbara told me she loves the song “Butterfly Kisses” very much as it makes her cry everytime she hears it. So I suggested dedicating the song to her father, a gesture very much appreciated not just by Mr Leong but also by the family.

Towards the end of the performance, I turned to my left and witnessed something really amusing – 2 cute girls in cheongsam were on the other end of the stage dancing some crab-style dance (I couldn’t really describe it otherwise, they were really dancing sideways like crabs on a hot stove!). That’s one of the instances when we know our music is well-liked!

Thank you Barbara and Dennis for having us at your wedding! We wish you many bountiful babies (and little Momos) soon!

Band: Bevlyn, Ein Ein, Wang


La Vie En Rose (1st March-in), L-O-V-E, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Butterfly Kisses, Through The Years, We’ve Only Just Begun, Our Love Is Here To Stay, Beyond The Sea, Let’s Fall In Love, Moon River, Close To You

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (2nd March-in), It Had To Be You, When You Say Nothing At All, Dream A Little Dream, C’est Si Bon, What A Difference A Day Made, On The Wings Of Love, I Only Want To Be With You, For Once In My Life, When I’m 80

Song To Recommend:

On The Wings Of Love by Jeffrey Osborne

– A beautifully-written song so underrated for weddings. This version gives me the goosebumps:

Compliments from Couple (sms):

Barbara: Thanks a lot, my guests enjoyed your performance very much. I just stepped into office just now and almost all my colleagues are asking for your contacts.

Dennis: Thank you so much for being with us and our guests enjoyed your singing tremendously. All full of praises.