Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Because Of You

I was very glad to note that the audience seemed to enjoy the new songs, which included 只因为你 (Because of You), 为你写诗 (I Wrote a Poem for You), 爱是力量 (Love Gives Me Strength), 爱情 (Love), 爱转角 (Love Turns a Corner), and 另一个天堂 (The Other Heaven).  Ein Ein even helped me with 另一个天堂 (The Other Heaven), which is a duet.  As before, I could sense the audience listening intently to Ein Ein’s dulcet vocals.

Apart from the refreshing song list, the highlight of the wedding was a surprise birthday present for Phil.  It was actually Phil’s birthday.  Esther cheekily said, “It’s my husband’s birthday today!  For once, I didn’t buy him a present because I’m his present!”  She added, “Phil, I’m going a sing you a song called 生日快乐 (Happy Birthday)!”

Ein Ein and I told we were going to perform the song on Esther’s behalf, but we sprang into action upon hearing Esther’s announcement.  As 生日快乐 (Happy Birthday) is sung by Sky Wu, a male vocalist, we had to quickly find a key that suited Esther.  This was literally done within seconds!  Esther’s impromptu performance drew loud cheers and a sweet kiss and hug from Phil.

I couldn’t resist springing a little surprise of my own for Esther.  After knowing that Esther had wanted Phil to propose to her at Disneyland, I decided to dedicate “A Whole New World” to her, even though it wasn’t in the song list.  I believed Esther and Phil enjoyed the song!

Congratulations Esther and Phil!  Thank you so much for engaging us.  May your marriage be filled with many sweet surprises, kisses and hugs!

Band: Hsin Yeow, Ein Ein

L-R: Ein Ein, Phil, Esther, Hsin Yeow
Thanks, Don (http://www.forestprovideo.com/), for sending us your beautiful photos!


Fallen, From This Moment, Grow Old With You, Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You, Greatest Story Ever Told, 只因为你 (Because of You), 为你写诗 (I Wrote a Poem for You), 如果爱 (Perhaps Love), Forever Love, On This Day, L-O-V-E, 你是我最深爱的人 (You’re the One I Love the Most), Angels Brought Me Here, 爱是力量 (Love Gives Me Strength), 爱情 (Love), 生日快乐 (Happy Birthday), 爱你在心口难开 (Love You More Than I Can Say), 男傭 (Your Butler), 爱转角 (Love Turns a Corner), 幸福的距離 (The Distance to Bliss), 另一个天堂 (The Other Heaven)

Special dedications:

A Whole New World, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart)

Songs To Recommend:

爱是力量 (Love Gives Me Strength)

为你写诗 (I Wrote a Poem for You)

只因为你 (Because of You)