Junxiong’s thoughts: 爱是永恒 (Love is Eternal)…

The performance at Irwin and Lynette’s luncheon wedding was another happy and memorable one! Irwin and Lynette are an extremely friendly and energetic couple, one of those whom you can easily start a conversation with despite the first time meeting up. It is also extremely kind of them to have us seated at their wedding banquet so that we could have a sumptuous fill during the breaks.

More importantly, the jovial couple has selected a good mix of Canto, Chinese, English pops and evergreens which greatly appeal to the guests, giving us good applause after each performance. A few of them even walked up to us at the end of our performance offering their compliments. Our entire band was greatly motivated and we deeply appreciate it!

Another event that impressed me occurred when the couple offers a toast to the guests after the champagne pouring ceremony: the guests gave our lovely couple a pleasant surprise by spontaneously cheering from their hearts an unanimous and thunderous Yum-Seng! How sweet…

Not to forget mentioning the ever-proficient Best-man, Alan and his bilingual Emcee sister, Olivia, who ensured that the entire wedding program ran through flawlessly.

Irwin and Lynette,
We are indeed honored to be part of your happy memories on this very important day. Wishing you eternal love and a blissful marriage in your new journey together!^^

Band: Jun Xiong, Ein Ein, Melvin

L-R: Jun Xiong, Irwin, Lynette, Ein Ein, Melvin

Fallen (1st March-in), In This Life, Angels Brought Me Here, For The First Time, Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You, You Belong To Me, Let It Be Me, Come Fly With Me, Dream a Little Dream, Beautiful In My Eyes, Angels

Superstar (2nd March-in), The Way You Look Tonight, Fly Me To The Moon, 爱是永恒 (Love Is Eternal), 爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple), 园游会 (Gathering), 你的名字我的姓氏 (Your Name With My Surname), You Are The Sunshine Of My Life, If, Now And Forever


Hi Hsin Yeow,

I would like to thank Jun Xiong and the band for providing excellent showpiece to my guests.

There were positive reviews all round from guests and there were some who asked how I found you guys.

To sum up..the band was simply wonderful. I will definitely recommend you guys.

Irwin & Lynnette

Songs To Recommend:

Jun Xiong had to learn a number of songs for Irwin’s wedding. Here are two of them for your consideration…



园游会 (Gathering)