Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Too Much Heaven

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Jolene and Morvan
Photo from Wai Peng of ahpengpeng’s
Okay, I admit it. I was born in the mid ’70s. Which means that the songs Jolene and Morvan chose were those I hummed ad nauseam when I was younger. I mean, who hasn’t tried to imitate the Bee Gees’ falsetto in Too Much Heaven and busted a vein in the process?

Gosh, this brings back so many memories.

So this is yet another perk of my passion: to relive my youth by performing all the songs I used to love, and still do.

Jolene engaged us soon after she heard us perform at her cousin’s wedding. So we expected to see Jerlyn and Jowie at the dinner. But what surprised us was the fact that Jerlyn was pregnant! Haha, Jowie certainly didn’t waste any time during the honeymoon, that’s for sure.

Another pleasant surprise was meeting Alvin and Evelyn, who had already engaged us to perform for their upcoming wedding on 1 Dec.

I’m certainly looking forward to that day, because it means that I’ll get the chance to meet Jolene and Morvan again!

Bevlyn’s thoughts: Full-circle

It was not the first time meeting up with “ex” wedding couples at another wedding. But it seemed full-circle for us when we saw Jowie and Jerlyn, expecting a baby!

It was an enjoyable experience singing at Jolene and Morvan’s wedding, especially when there was a little girl seated right in front of us, trying very shyly to take pictures of the band. In the end Hsin Yeow and I helped to overcome her inhibitions by putting on cutie poses (You know bright smiles and victory ‘V’ handsigns and the sort). It was great to feel interaction from the guests!

A song I really enjoyed singing is Too Much Heaven. Although popularised by the Bee Gees, Jordan Hill (with Bee Gees backing up) did a wonderful rendition of the song too. And yes, it was great to have Hsin Yeow’s falsetto backing me up. It was great fun for me :p

Band: Hsin Yeow, Bevlyn, Jonathan Lim and Matthew

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It’s wonderful to see Jowie and Jerlyn again!


I Finally Found Someone (1st March-in), Grow Old With You, Love Will Keeps Us Alive, When You Say Nothing At All, Love Me, Too Much Heaven, It Might Be You, Masterpiece, 爱很简单 (Love Is Simple), Dream A Little Dream, Every Day I Love You, Endless Love (2nd March-in)

Compliments from Jolene:

Hi Hsin Yeow,

Thanks for the wonderful music. Is a pity that both Morvan and myself were not able to sit down to enjoy the band’s performance that day. All our friends and relatives commented that the band was great. Keep up the good work folks. Hope we will meet up again on Alvin and Evelyn’s wedding on 1 Dec. Catch up soon!