Joseph and Yi Qing met back when they were in the same class in junior college,  but ironically grew closer only when Joseph was in NS and Yi Qing was in University. They had their fair share of struggles during this period, and here are 2 hilarious highlights:

  • they struggled to stay in contact due to lack of phone service (the signal was so bad that they could only hear each other’s response after a lag of 30 secs. The effective talking time during that call was way lesser than the waiting time)! 
  • Joseph was once stationed as a medic at the medical center, and he decided to risk using the emergency phone to contact his future wife with the call lasting over an hour. He got punished for his long distance call but it was definitely worth it to talk with the love of his life 🙂

Congratulations to Joseph and Yi Qing, and thank you for having Regine emcee at this wonderful celebration!