When we first arrived at the ballroom, these sights drew our breath away. How cute are these? 🙂

Marriott Singapore Wedding Live Band Emcee MC

Marriott Singapore Wedding Live Band Emcee MC

Jye Chau and Huijing got acquainted during their secondary school days, but they only get together as a couple during their polytechnic days.  “日久生情” (familiarity breeds fondness) was what Huijing said. So it’s no wonder that the couple had a marathon dating duration of 10 long years before they tie the knot! Jye Chau proposed to Huijing during their 10th anniversary trip to Hua Hin (Thailand) on the Ferris wheel that they took in Santorini Park. Looking back, she still finds it funny that he appeared so cautious and anxious, insisting that they take the Ferris wheel !

They had chosen a rather cute song that is not that common at weddings (in a good way), for their 2nd march-in song (Be My Forever by Christina Perri & Ed Sheeran):

And here is Clarence (guitar) and Bevlyn (vocals & emcee) taking a wefie during the break!

Marriott Singapore Wedding Live Band Emcee MC

Thank you Huijing and Jye Chau for engaging us. Congratulations, and we wish you many decades of wonderful adventures together!


  1. Be my forever (Christinna + Ed Sheeran) – 2nd march-in
  2. 陪你 - 范玮琪
  3. 慢慢喜欢你 - Karen Mok
  4. 爱你 - Kimberly
  5. 甜甜的 - Jay Chou
  6. 简单爱 Jay Chou
  7. 你最珍贵
  8. 世界唯一的你
  9. 小情歌 – Eb
  10. 最重要的决定
  11. Beautiful Love
  12. 爱是你眼里的一首情歌
  13. Make you feel my love
  14. Marry you (Bruno)
  15. A thousand years
  16. I do (colbie calliat)
  17. Way back into love
  18. Lucky
  19. From this moment
  20. Beautiful in white