Hui Bing’s Thoughts: Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You

Lynn and Donny’s wedding has several firsts for me. It was the first time hearing the phrase ‘Bon appetit’ being uttered in more than one language by Lynn and Donny’s eloquent emcees. I counted more than 6, which includes Thai, Japanese and Korean. It was definitely a great introduction to the sumptuous dinner which followed.

It was also our first time, singing so many duets for a wedding – 12 in total! We were specially encouraged and pleased by the positive response and applause from Lynn and Donny’s guests. In particular, a gentleman stood up, mouthed the lyrics, and even gyrated to the music for a significant part of the dinner. Another first for us! It feels really great to know that a live band really does add to the overall ambience of the wedding.

Hui Bing, Junxiong & Adeline

Thanks MelvinHo.Biz for the fabulous photos!



At The Beginning, 今天你要嫁给我 (Marry Me Today), The Gift, 小夫妻 (Couple), Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You, I Cross My Heart, Lucky, Dream A Little Dream, Endless Love, A Whole New World, Quando Quando Quando, Way Back Into Love


Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You, Bubbly, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Valentine, For The First Time, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Love, Me, L-O-V-E, 身边 (By Your Side), 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), I Do (Cherish You), If We Hold On Together

Compliments from the Couple:

Hi Hui Bing,

You all have sung beautifully and our guests have enjoyed themselves on our wedding.

Many of them were wowed by the band!

Great job and we wish you all well.

Hi Hsin Yeow

We are really happy that the band has done a great job and our guests have been singing (no pun intended) their praises. 🙂

I have also sent a commendation note to Hui Bing and gang.  Once again, thanks for the sweet memories

Lynn and Donny