Bevlyn’s thoughts: 黑白配 (Black And White)

The story between Meiting and Lochin has got to be one of the most amazing ones I’ve ever heard:

Meiting decided to go for a vacation when she was 16 years old, and during her stay at the Superstar Virgo of Star Cruise, she got to know Lochin (a Burmese), who was an employee onboard. They swiftly fell in love and ’embarked’ on a long-distance relationship. Apparently they could only meet on Wednesdays and Saturdays because those were the days when the ship were on dock. 10 years down the road, here we are at their wedding banquet!

Meiting told me before, that even though they had already been to the ROM, and even had the cutest little girl, they still want to have a banquet to celebrate the marriage; one reason was also because she wanted to walk down the aisle in the pretty gown. Well, I suppose all girls can understand that! 🙂

One song which probably speaks on behalf of the shy couple is 黑白配:

(Who says black and white don’t match? There is no absolutes in this world)


(Once someone sang, “The day doesn’t know how beautiful the night is.” Yet you understand the beauty within me)


(The piano has black and white keys; clearly, they can tell how appreciative I am of you. Perhaps black shall not understand how, in this colourful world, I am alive because of you
It was our first time working with Benson on soprano saxophone, and we had such a great time performing with him! We were also raving on the excellent song choices like 豆浆油条 (Bean Curd & Dough Fritters), 爱爱 (Love), 鸽子 (Dove), 甜甜的 (Sweet). Thank you Meiting for giving us the opportunity to indulge in these songs. We wish you and Lochin everlasting marital bliss!

Band: Bevlyn, Ein Ein & Benson


Heaven (1st march-in), 两只恋人 (Two Lovers), Love Will Keep Us Alive, 就是爱你 (Just Loving You), 一人一半 (One Half), La Vie En Rose, Hero, 黑白配 (Black And White), Everlasting Love, 第一次 (The First Time), Love Me

When You Say Nothing At All (2nd march-in), Every Day I Love You, 非你莫属 (It Had To Be You), 甜甜的 (Sweet), Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Thank You For Loving Me, Stuck On You, 鸽子 (Dove), Super Star, 豆浆油条 (Bean Curd And Dough Fritter), 爱爱 (Love)