Juliet’s thoughts: 爱情的魔力 (The Power Of Love)

It’s a real joy exploring new ways of singing old sounds. If you don’t know me by now, that’s always been my greatest interest.

My deep desire to understand what my parents love, but also the richness of the culture and the language Mandarin, combined with the mad freedom of jazz and improvisation, I couldn’t be happier to be able to make it for this wedding in the end when something miraculously shifted and i was suddenly available tonight.

Many people have had ideas to have Mandarin jazz repertoire, but this wedding was different. Their reception table had authentically displayed old a typewriter, personal sketches, old postcards of 周旋, 姚利 (my favourite singer of the era) etc…

It was a themed night, and it’s wonderful to see people actually dressing up in cheongsams, and it was no exception for me. And thought it was work, it was totally fun!

Fabian Lim (excellent saxophonist) had on those mandarin buttons, gorgeous top! Linus (pianist), Fabian and I played a jazz trio tonight for the couple with unusual numbers like 爱情的魔力 (The Power Of Love) and more popular ones like 我只在乎你 (I Only Care For You) and 甜蜜密 (Honey Sweet)。

Other songs covered included, Besame Mucho, The Way You Look Tonight, and a nice medley specially arranged by Linus and myself for Over the Rainbow/What A Wonderful World.

Thank you for having us sing for this blissful occasion. 🙂

Band: Juliet, Linus, Fabian

L-R: Juliet, Fabian, Linus


Fly Me To The Moon, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, 夜上海 (Night In Shanghai), 月圓花好 (Round Moon, Beautiful Flowers), 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), 我只在乎你 (I Only Care For You), 但愿人长久 (May All Live Well And Long), 小城故事 (Story In A Small Town), 甜密密 (Honey Sweet), Besame Mucho

玫瑰玫瑰我爱你 (Rose Rose I Love You), 茉莉花 (Jasmine Flower), Fallen, Quando Quando Quando, 可爱的玫瑰花 (What A Lovely Rose), The Way You Look Tonight, L-O-V-E, 爱情的魔力 (The Power Of Love), What A Wonderful World/Somewhere Over The Rainbow


Hi Hsin Yeow,

Juliet was awesome. Many of my guests kept asking me about her. She should really cut her own album.

Goldwin and I had a memorable Shanghai wedding affair, thanks to Juliet seranading for us.

Well done. We totally enjoyed the music.