Junxiong’s thoughts: From This Moment

It was an unusual night for me as I was honoured to be seated at Jimmy & Christina’s helpers’ table, a sweet and thoughtful arrangement so that I can enjoy the sumptuous banquet and mix around with their pals while performing my emcee role.

Christina told me that she has known Jimmy for a total of 10 years… Isn’t that marvellous?! A full decade of relationship is invaluable, and they are finally sharing their life journey together from this very instance onwards!

When I asked Christina for details on how Jimmy proposed, this was what she said…

“After being together for 10 years, Jimmy proposed to me on my birthday last year on 16th Aug 2008 at the Jewel Box, Mount Faber. We’d finished our dinner, and we were enjoying our drinks while listening to the live band. I suddenly noticed him digging out something from his pocket, but it dropped on the floor. I wanted to help him find it, but he said it’s okay; after he found it, he gave a happy sigh, “HENG AH!” and said Dear, will you marry me? I just laughed, he didn’t wait for me to reply, and just slid the ring onto my finger! =)”

Being seated at the helpers’ table, I also found out that all these helpers have been up since dawn to assist the couple from morning ceremony down to the wedding dinner reception details. Although they were physically worn out, you couldn’t tell from their faces as they were beaming with smiles throughout the night. From their expressions and conversations, I got to know how popular our lovely couple is among their social circles…

My heartiest congratulations to both of you, Jimmy and Christina! Here’s wishing you a wonderful life journey together From This Moment onwards with lots of laughter, joy and happiness!!! ^_^

L-R: Jun Xiong, Jimmy, Christina
Compliments from the Couple:

Hi Jun Xiong,

Thanks for helping us on the hosting and coordination for our wedding dinner @ Novotel.

We really appreciate your efforts in making our wedding a smooth and unforgettable night.

We received comments from some of my guests who said you really make a great role in hosting!

Jimmy & Christina