Jun Xiong’s thoughts: Love Of My Life

There is a common Chinese saying of “Seven-Year Itch” which definitely does not apply to our wedding couple, Poh Wee and Ruth. In fact, they have finally rounded up their seven full years of courtship with a blissful marriage starting from this very night, 08 Aug 2009. (8th of August is also a very auspicious figure among Chinese with double “EIGHTS”!)

From their childhood montage video, we knew that Poh Wee and Ruth had met each other since 2002 during their campus days in Newcastle. And from then onwards, they were destined to be with each other – despite Ruth was back to Singapore earlier then Poh Wee, that didn’t stop Poh Wee from unveiling his determination to win Ruth’s heart, which he finally did! One interesting scene from the video was that Poh Wee had to pass the “Husband Test” before Ruth agrees to marry him, and the next scene was the gentle and caring Poh Wee preparing sushi for Ruth in the kitchen! How sweet and loving!

Thanks to the appreciative and warm guests, our performance was well received with great applause. And at times, I have the great honour of having the two lovely flower kids in the wedding ceremony to “dance” along with me right by the stage (they were coincidentally seated close to our performing area). These cute little toddlers can easily melt your heart.. 🙂

Hi Poh Wee and Ruth,
Thanks so much for having us to perform and share your joy at the wedding dinner. We believe you are both the love of your life and sincerely wish you an everlasting and blissful marriage!


Band: Jun Xiong, Ji Xiang


Beautiful In My Eyes, Love Me, Just The Way You Are, Valentine, Love Of My Life, I Will Be Here, Angels Brought Me Here, 爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple), 爱是永恒 (Love Is Eternal), 你是我最爱的女人 (You’re The One I Love The Most), 童话 (Fairytale)

Compliments from Ruth:

Hi Hsin Yeow,

Thanks alot to yourself & Junxiong!

We received a lot of compliments for Junxiong’s singing and emcee services. Thanks so much!

Best Regards,