Shawn’s thoughts: Let Down, Let Go, and Get High

Eager to move, ready to sway.

An intimate group of friends and relatives who boogied a full 90mins and asked for more! Judy, our singer for the evening, was snappy quick to suss out the guests’ musical preferences and modified our songlist to hook the “gold people” while entertaining the party fellas. She also got a french guest to dedicate “With Or Without You” by U2 to the couple, with everyone singing along!

Many thanks to Aloysius from 39 East for contributing these beautiful photos!

Right after our second song “Fallen” (a slow dance tune), the guests were ITCHING TO GYRATE, so we dived 4heads down into rhumba and disco with Buble’s Sway, Venus, Summer Rain, September, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Umbrella (everyone went ELLA ELLA EH EH EH), Superstar (then they went ey oh eyoh eyoh!)…

Before our last number, Judy thanked the couple for engaging us. They shouted for encore, and she, once again, improvised and said, “Alright, if you (Preman) were to sing, I’ll make it two last songs instead of one…” and the groom sang with all his heart and friends, “Somebody To Love” to his mrs, who ended the tune with the last sentence “somebody….to love….!”

The band didn’t perform last night, we partied.


Thank you, Celine, Preman, guests, Aloysious (39east) and A Little Dream!

Band: Judy, Shawn, Melvin, Adeline

L-R: Adeline, Melvin, Judy


If I Ain’t Got You, My Love Will Get You Home, Fallen, Eternal Flame, Sway, Close To You, La Vie En Rose, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, You’ve Got A Friend, Here With Me, You And Me,

Superstar, Umbrella, September, Venus, Somebody To Love, Mercy, Sunshine, Summer Rain, With Or Without You, Head Over Feet, Sway (by Bic Runga)

Compliments from Preman:

Hi Hsin Yeow

I think the band did a great job! Like how they were willing to break from the script. Though Queen’s Somebody To Love is a bit out of my vocal range. 😉


Compliments from 39 East:

Hi Hsin Yeow & Shawn,

The music was great!

I enjoyed myself and had lots of fun shooting the guests enjoying and dancing to the music.

I was quite sure that the couple would enjoy A Little Dream’s music when I recommended them! It was really nice to see the guests wanting more!

Aloysius Lim