We were all impressed when we heard about Choon How’s proposal to Jun Ying – he had it ALL figured out. Jun Ying had been wanting to go to Japan for a vacation and was super excited about it, so he decided to seize the opportunity to propose to her during that trip to increase his success rate. To further fortify his proposal,  he proposed to her on a swan boat in the middle of Lake Kawaguchiko with Mt Fuji as the backdrop, and the best part was….Jun Ying cannot swim….

Thank you for having Regine (vocals & emcee) and Justin (guitar) entertain your wedding guests! Our heartiest congratulations to the adorable couple !

1. Kiss Me
2. Just the way you are (Bruno Mars)
3. All about that bass
4. Falling for you (Colbie Caillat)
5. Marry Me – Trai
6. Beautiful in white
7. Can’t help falling in lov
8. Wonderful tonigh
9. Word
10. Love song – Sara Bareilles
11. 小手拉大手
12. 最重要的决定
13. 你是我心内的一首歌
14. 家后
15. 爱很简单
16. 简单爱
17. 每天爱你多一
18. 一人一
19. Forever Love
20. 黑白配
21. 爱上 (宋念宇)