Band: Ariane (vocals), Dennis (guitar), Bevlyn (emcee)

Jerald and Esther toyed with the idea of singing at their wedding, but eventually decided against it. However the festivity of the wedding celebration must have rubbed Jerald off, because in the middle of dinner, he decided to serenade his bride (much to her delight of course 💓). Our guitarist Dennis broke into Jerald’s choice of song immediately after his wedding speech. What a lovely surprise for everyone!!

Jerald sings to Esther

Congratulations Jerald and Esther!


L-R: Jerald, Ariane, Bevlyn Khoo 邱意淋, Dennis.

And thank you Jerald & Esther for the kind compliment!

Jerald Review

Check out some of Ariane’s performances here:


  1. Dancing Queen
  2. Happy
  3. How Deep Is Your Love
  4. 告白气球
  5. Love Song
  6. Put Your Records On
  7. 喜欢你 (Cantonese)
  8. 爱如潮水
  9. 今天你要嫁给我
  10. 豆浆油条
  11. All About You
  12. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
  13. Bubbly
  14. Locked Out Of Heaven
  15. One Call Away
  16. Titanium
  17. 情非得已
  18. Officially Missing You
  19. A Sky Full Of Stars
  20. 爱要坦荡荡
  21. 爱与伦比的爱