Audrey’s thoughts: Can You Feel The Love Tonight

There are many reasons which make a gig memorable. This particular one left me a deep impression because:

1) It’s my first time performing for a birthday celebration
2) It’s my first time performing at Orchard Parade Hotel Tung Lok Classics
3) It’s my first time performing to such a small and intimate crowd, consisting 2 tables of 18 people

Although it was a pretty last minute enquiry, I was excited the moment I received the song list. Birthday boy Mr Aloysius Lim had favourite songs which included classics like Andy Lau’s 冰雨, Jacky Cheung’s 情网, Every breath you take by Police. I’ve been listening to these songs since primary school and I didn’t expect there will be such an occasion where I get to perform them live.

On the day when we arrived at Tung Lok, Feri and I were being treated to a delicious 4 course dinner before the gig began. I don’t mean to make anybody envious, but the food was a factor which made this gig unforgettable. It will be a waste not to take photos of the exquisite dishes right? =p


We had great fun performing to a very attentive and appreciative crowd. This was quite the first time I had an audience which had eyes on the band the whole night, smiled at us and applauded after every song. The highlight of the celebration was when Mr Lim spontaneously came up to the band and requested to sing  爱你在心口难开 and 朋友.  Mr Lim’s son also took over Feri to strum his father’s favourite 两只蝴蝶 while Mr and Mrs Lim sang. It was truly a heartwarming sight to see the family perform for all their relatives.


Feri and I concluded we wouldn’t mind doing more birthday gigs. We really enjoyed ourselves and would like to wish Mr Aloysius Lim great health and a splendid year ahead! Stay cheerful like tonight!

Audrey and Feri


出界, 小薇, 冰雨, 情网, 别问我是谁, Every Breath You Take, Paint My Love, Can You Feel The Love Tonight, Fly Me To The Moon, Moon River, Rainbow Connection, Just The Way You Are, I Do (Cherish You), 同手同脚, 身边, 小手拉大手, 月亮代表我的心, 家后, 一人一半, 甜蜜蜜, 给我一个吻, 读你