Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: I Wanna Hold Your Hand

I was touched by Shing Yee’s detailed account of her first impressions of Don. She wrote:

“You wanted to know how we met? Our first cup of coffee was at Starbucks at the Specialists Centre (now long gone). However, it was not that cup of coffee which stole my heart! We had many more long conversations after that about all sorts of topics and, surprisingly, we hit it off rather well. Slowly, I realized that he would be a person whom I could seriously consider spending my life with but I didn’t know if he felt the same way.

He is always the cool, unexpressive aka “wooden” type..:) It was the day when he suddenly grabbed my hand that sealed our fates. I still recalled his weird comment when we were walking. He told me, “Let’s walk that way” when the elevator was like, 10 steps in front of us. I thought it was weird but didn’t say anything. It wasn’t until his sweaty palms (nervousness??) which grabbed mine that I knew that he felt the same way.

The most touching moment would be the day when he proposed. Don is a person who hates to get dirty, sweaty and to be in a smelly place and on that particular day, he had to endure all this at the same time. We started an early day, first at Sentosa and then at the DHL hot air balloon. (He’s afraid of heights, by the way.) Later in the evening, we went to the Night Safari which he described as “nothing much to see”. I was pleasantly surprised that he wanted to go. We had a great time there and soon he sent me home. It was nearly 12 midnight when we reached the void deck and we talked briefly about the day’s events. At the stroke of midnight, he asked me to close my eyes and presented me with the Night Safari’s mascot (Ah Meng toy) with a ring and popped the question.”

Eleanor was also the emcee that evening, and she peppered the night’s performance with amusing anecdotes of how Don and Shing Yee met and fell in love. As you can tell from above, she had great material to work on!

Congratulations Don and Shing Yee!

Band: Eleanor, Windson, Feri


I Finally Found Someone (1st March-in), Because You Loved Me, Fly Me To The Moon, The Look Of Love, C’est Si Bon, What A Difference A Day Made, The Way You Look Tonight, Close To You, Just The Way You Are, When I Fall In Love, Quando Quando Quando, Something Stupid, Have I Told You Lately

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (2nd March-in), Angels Brought Me Here, Sway, Beautiful In My Eyes, Grow Old With You, Always And Forever, Can’t Stop Loving You, Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You

Compliments from Don:


Hi Hsin Yeow

Thanks for your help! We really had a wonderful evening, and our guests enjoyed the songs.