Bevlyn’s thoughts: From Here To Eternity

Angeline and Steve started off as business associates, over 2 years plus with several Bakerzin cakes, Coffee Bean sessions at Sentosa and a cable ride, they became a couple. If there was a hint that they are meant to be, this might be it: They were one of the 5 lucky winners to have a golden ticket under one of their seats when they watched “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”!

I was impressed by Angeline’s songlist because there were quite a handful of country songs: The Way You Love Me, This Kiss, Love, Me etc. It could not have been more suitable for the venue they had chosen – the breezy foyer at the Orchid Country Club, which offers a picturesque view of the flora and the fauna!

After the cake-cutting ceremony, the couple marched-out to the band’s performance of At The Beginning, and after the first chorus, I made the announcement that the lunch buffet was ready for the guests’ helping. The whole banquet was an intimate and cosy affair; a boy seated near to the band even came up to us and danced away in good fun!

Steve dedicated a lovely song with very beautiful lyrics From Here To Eternity to Angeline, and requested for a dance with her after the second march-in. Angeline, then changed into a simple white dress, and Steve in a more casual long-sleeve white top, the couple looked lovely dancing to the music, occasionally singing along with me while looking into each other’s eyes:

From here to eternity
I’m asking you to share your life with me
Now and forever I guarantee, I’ll always stay by your side
I promise my love to you
I’m willing and able and ready to
Whatever you need
I am here for you, and I’ll always be
From here to eternity
I absolutely love performing to guitar and percussion. It’s a great combination if you have groovy songs, and want to hype up your guests!

L-R: Feri, Bevlyn, Angeline, Steve & Shawn

Thank you Angeline and Steve, we wish you sweet sweet love for the days ahead. Congratulations once again!

Band: Bevlyn, Feri & Shawn


At The Beginning (1st Song after Champagne popping), I Do (Cherish You), Valentine, Lost In Your Eyes, It Might Be You, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Eternal Love, This Kiss

From Here to Eternity (1st dance) , Shakespeare In Love, My Girl, Stand By Me, There You’ll Be, You To Me Are Everything, Fallen, Love Me, The Way You Love Me, Quando Quando Quando, Lover’s Concerto, The Way, I Say A Little Prayer, One In A Million

Songs To Recommend:

From Here To Eternity – A lovely song to dance to!

The Way You Love Me – I simply love to sing this heart-warming and happy tune.