Hui Bing’s Thoughts: 喜歡妳 (Beyond)

There are three songs I know, with the same title 喜歡妳. The more common was the one by homegrown singer Kit Chan. The other two were extreme opposites – one was from Fish Leong (a very nice, sweet, girlish song) and the other was a rock Cantonese song by Hong Kong band, Beyond. We usually sing the first two songs in weddings, so I was really excited when Ben and Wendy chose the Cantonese one for their wedding.

It is Ben’s favourite song and Wendy wanted to dedicate it as a special surprise for him after her thank-you speech. I loved the song for its pun on the 3 words and the lyrics – simple but so straightforward from the heart.

“喜欢你 那双眼动人笑声更迷人愿再可
轻抚你 那可爱面容 挽手说梦话像昨天你共我”

I could see that Ben was visibly moved as he looked lovingly at Wendy while Junxiong performed the song with aplomb in ‘Beyond-style’. This song followed a string of four songs, which the couple wanted to dedicate to their parents, helpers and little niece.

Dear Ben and Wendy, wishing you a lifetime of happiness and bliss!

Band: Hui Bing, Jun Xiong, Justin, Ian


My Valentine, Fly Me To The Moon, Nobody, Now And Forever, True, A Moment Like This, So Nice, I’m Yours, Sway, Sugar Sugar, Wonderful Tonight,

Endless Love (2nd march-in), 喜歡妳 (Liking You), 我在你左右 (I’m Right Beside You), 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), 一人一半 (One Half), 给我一个吻 (Give Me A Kiss), 甜蜜蜜 (Honey Sweet), 可樂戒指 (Coke Ring Tab), 恋爱频率 (Love Frequency) 星晴 (Clear Starry Sky), 你最珍贵 (You’re The Most Precious)

Compliments from Ben and Wendy:


Hi Huibing and team,

Thanks so much for the great performance. We are sad that we could not hear most of the songs but Ben was surprised by the special song dedications! =)

Thanks so much for accommodating my request and Jun Xiong learning this song at a short period of time. We heard good feedback from our guests and thanks again for making our dreams come true!

Ben and Wendy