Jia Ling‘s wedding at Orchid Country Club was a massive one with 40 tables of guests ! Check out the hall in this photo:

Orchid Country Club Grand Ballroom Wedding Hall
Orchid Country Club Grand Ballroom Wedding Hall

And check out this very cool 2nd “march-in” with a buggy ride – the song you hear in the background is a ‘live’ version of 《最重要的决定》performed by Phoebee (vocals) and Benjamin (piano):

Our heartiest congratulations and all the very best in this new journey!
(And we love this wedding repertoire that has a good mixture of English, Mandarin and Cantonese hits, see below)
1. Marry You
2. Viva La Vida
3. From This Moment
4. The Show
5. Flashlight
6. Love You Like A Love Song
7. Close To You
8. Eternal Flame
9. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
1. 最浪漫的事
2. 我只在乎你
3. 夜来香
4. 给我一个吻
5. 夜上海
6. 玫瑰玫瑰
7. 爱你在心口难开
8. 往事只能回味
9. 橄榄树
10. 最重要的决定 – 2nd March-in
1. 喜欢你
2. 家后