Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Accidentally In Love

My job is to document the memorable highlights of each wedding, but I drew a blank when I started to write about Marvin and Yihong’s wedding.

Not that there weren’t anything to write. On the contrary, where do I begin?

Even before the guests entered the ballroom, they could tell it was not going to be a conventional celebration. The bridesmaids and groomsmen were unbelievably united and colour-coordinated. The ladies wore well-cut dresses in the same shade as Tiffany boxes (the colour that sets many female hearts a-flutter), while the guys wore matching ties of a slightly darker shade. The bridesmaids were tending to a candy corner, which drew the kids and even some adults. Rows of cupcakes were placed enticingly round a little tower, and there were candies and cookies galore!

Once the wedding celebrations started, the guests were treated to a stunning slideshow of photos by One Eye Click. Through a series of photographs, the couple re-enacted how they first met each other (apparently under less than favourable circumstances), how they fell in love, and even Marvin’s reaction when Yihong accepted his proposal (the shot was of Marvin 3 feet in the air, with a look of utter jubilation on his face)

The band also assisted to create some memorable moments. The second march-in was a rousing number, “Accidentally In Love”, and the couple rode into the cavernous ballroom in a Vespa. Yihong even ditched the traditional cocktail number and wore white pants instead. The place where the Vespa was parked also became a favourite spot for photo-taking later in the afternoon.

Another touching moment was the couple’s first dance, which was to the band’s rendition of “So Close”. It felt as if the scene from the movie “Enchanted” was re-played, only there was no witch to spoil the proceedings. As the song progressed, several more couples joined in.

Finally, this blog entry would not be complete without mentioning Marvin’s surprise performance of L-O-V-E. This man was so sure and confident of himself, he didn’t even practice with the band. His band of brothers were his backup singers and dancers, but Marvin didn’t need any help at all. When the music started, he merrily danced and sang without missing a beat or note.

Congratulations Marvin and Yihong! It was a pleasure to perform at your wedding. Hope to see you both very soon!

Band: Hsin Yeow, Imelda, James, Melvin



L-R: Hsin Yeow, Imelda, Marvin, Yihong, Melvin, James


Angels Brought Me Here (First March-in), You Give Me Something, Somewhere Only We Know, So Close, Grow Old With You, 1234, Wonderful Tonight, I’ll Make Love To You, Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You, For The First Time, Always, Lucky

Accidentally In Love (2nd March-in), Falling For You, Heaven, Just The Way You Are, So Nice, Everything, Can’t Help Falling In Love, Knock Knock, Way Back Into Love

Compliments from the Couple:

Dear Hsin Yeow,

This note may come a tad late but both Marvin and I really wanted to thank you guys for the fantastic performance on our special day.

It was such a lovely blend of voices and music that really made the lunch really relaxed and enjoyable.

The guests love you guys, loads of them kept asking about the band! Imelda, Melvin, James and of course, you really made the whole wedding complete.

Thank you for being part of our special day~

Marvin and Yihong

Song To Recommend:

Accidentally In Love