Bevlyn’s thoughts: For Better Or Worse

After my earlier experience singing in Pan Pac’s Ocean Ballroom, I made certain that the band arrive earlier than usual to accommodate a longer setup time. Strangely though, the sound technician got his act together much faster this time round. Whew!

But my joy was short-lived. Singing in the Pacific Ballroom was even more challenging than the Ocean Ballroom, mainly because there was no ceiling speaker above us. All we could hear were echoes bouncing off the walls.

Suggestions for couples who wish to hold their banquets in Pan Pac and still have a band:

1) Hire an additional sound system
2) Request for the Ocean Ballroom

However, the experience wasn’t all that bad. I was actually very pleasantly surprised by Chris’ choice of songs. He picked a song by Debbie Gibson, a pop phenomenon in the ’80s. Ah, the memories! When I first heard For Better Or Worse, I almost wanted to cry, simply because it’s such a beautifully written song.

There was a strange song request from Chris though: Thank You by Dido. We had highlighted the inappropriateness of the lyrics to him, but he still asked us to sing this song and dedicated it to his friends. 🙂

Band: Bevlyn, ZQ, Jonathan Ang


I Turn To You, When You Say Nothing At All, Something Stupid, I Love You, Fly Me To The Moon, Quando Quando Quando, I Promise, One Boy One Girl, So Nice, Beyond The Sea, For Better Or Worse, I Do (Cherish You), Thank You