Lehui & Zhen Jun met at a party on Valentine’s day 5 years ago (we are sure that Cupid was there too!). They met for supper after the party and realised that they had many common topics to talk about, and the rest they said, was history.

Thank you for engaging Regine (vocals & emcee) & Matthew (piano) for your wedding live band music entertainment!


And we are so trilled with this excellent review by Lehui!

Pan Pacific Wedding Ballroom Emcee Live Band Music

Thank you Lehui and Zhen Jun! Congratulations to the two of you and here’s wishing you a bountiful marriage and everlasting love!


March in song: Can’t help falling in love
Call me maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen
I do – Colbie Caillat
Lucky – Jason Mraz
Love song – Sara Bareilles
Flashlight – Jessie J
Fly me to the moon – Classic
I’m yours – Jason Mraz
Just the way you are – Bruno Mars
Photograph – Ed Sheeran
Perfect – Ed Sheeran
Shape of you – Ed Sheeran
Havana – Camila Cabello
喜歡你 (Cantonese) -Beyond
月牙灣 – FIR
月亮代表我的心 -Teresa Teng
家後 (Hokkien) – Jiang Hui
告白氣球 – Jay Chou
爱你 – Kimberly
我的歌声里 – Qu Wanting
小幸运 – Hebe
修炼爱情 – JJLin
Love song – Khalil Fong