Edmund shared that Jolene really loves to take thrilling rides, and so one of the surprises he sprung on her involved bringing her to G-max in Clarke Quay.  He brought her there blindfolded with ear-pieces on. Once they reached the Gmax area, her blind fold was removed, and the next moment she knew it, they were already on the way up the sky! 

Here’s wshing Edmund and Jolene plenty of joy and happiness in the ups and downs of life, and may they have many bountiful kids soon! (yes all pun intended)

Park Royal @ Beach Road, Sky Ballroom Wedding Live Band Emcee

L-R: Ariane (vocals & emcee), Jolene, Edmund, Matthew (piano)


  1. Perfect – Ed Sheeran (1st march in)
  2. It’s You – Sezari (2nd march in)
  3. A thousand years – Christina Perri
  4. All of me – John Legend
  5. Beautiful in white – Westlife
  6. I wont give up – Jason Mraz
  7. Lucky – Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat
  8. Photograph – Ed Sheeran
  9. Say you wont let go – James Arthur
  10. Thinking out loud – Ed Sheeran
  11. 喜欢你(canto) – Beyond
  12. 简单爱 – Jay Chou
  13. 告白气球 – Jay Chou
  14. 豆浆油条 – JJ Lin
  15. 小幸运 – Hebe
  16. 就是爱你 – David Tao
  17. 爱很简单 – David Tao
  18. How long will I love you – Ellie Goulding
  19. You are the reason – Calum Scott
  20. Amazed – Lonestar
  21. Always be my baby – Mariah Carey
  22. Yellow (Mandarin version)  流星 – Katherine Ho