Miko & Ben first met at one of their common friend’s hen’s night! Though they didn’t really clicked at that time, Cupid planted the seeds by sitting the two of  them next to each other on the actual day of the wedding, and that was when they started their first proper conversation. Since that day onwards, they hung out a couple of times and slowly fell into the river of love 🙂

Thank you for having Bevlyn (vocals + emcee) & Sharon (piano) to be a part of your big day!

Congratulations Miko & Ben, wishing you a bountiful married life!!


1 A whole new world Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle
2 最重要的决定 范纬琪
3 Eyes on me Faye Wong
4 Can’t help falling in love Elvis Presley
5 一人一半 伍家辉
6 Beautiful in white Westlife
7 告白气球 周杰伦
8 You and me Lifehouse
9 So close Jon Mclaughin
10 小手拉大手 梁静茹
11 Just the way you are Bruno Mars
12 You are the reason – 2nd march-in Callum Scott
13 甜甜的 周杰伦
14 A thousand years Christina Perri
15 給我你的愛 Tank
16 PS我爱你 A-Lin
17 I do Calliat Colbie
18 有点甜 Silence Wang 汪苏泷
19 Shape of me Ed Sheeran
20 Happy Pharrell Williams
21 爱你 Kimberly Chen
22 A moment like this Kelly Clarkson