Terence knew for sure that Yvonne is the right girl for him, ironically, because of a wrong calculation of planning during their holiday in Iceland. He thought that they could save on one night of accommodation (and chase after the Northern Lights) by spending their last night in a car. But there were no auroras, they both ‘froze their ass off’, and yet Yvonne barely complained. “That’s when I knew she’s a keeper.”

Terence’s wedding proposal was a complete success (and surprise) though, because Yvonne did not suspect for the slightest bit that it would be executed underwater while diving!

Congratulations to Terence and Yvonne on their blissful union! Blessed marriage ahead, and thank you for engaging Regine to be your wedding emcee!

Parkroyal on Pickering Singapore Wedding Emcee

L-R: Terence, Yvonne, Regine

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