Hui Bing’s thoughts: Beautiful Love

This SMS brightened up my morning:

“Gd Morning, Hui Bing and Junxiong. 🙂 This is Cedric n Shelly. Looking fwd to your performance this evening.. Hope you like the songs we have picked…”

When we met them in person that evening, Cedric and Shelly were indeed as warm and friendly as their SMS. And I did enjoy performing the songs they had selected that night.


Understanding their guests’ preference, they chose a longer list of Chinese songs, from pop, oldies, Hokkein to Cantonese songs. The applause from the guests was very encouraging as they clapped after almost every song. The bright smiles that Cedric and Shelly gave us throughout our performance, all added to the experience.

A thumbs-up for the staff at Peony Jade, who once again, impressed us with their professional and thoughtful service. They even took the initiative to bring us warm water after our performance, even though we did not ask them to. I am sure that Cedric and Shelly’s guests were very well taken care of that night..

Cedric and Shelly, for inviting us to be part of your joyous occasion and we wish you many years of happiness, laughter and bliss!

Band: Hui Bing, Junxiong, Jixiang


今生注定 (My Destiny), 明明很爱你 (I Obviously Love You), 梁山伯与茱丽叶 (Liang Shan Bo and Juliet), 小酒窩 (Small Dimples), 只有为你 (Only For You), 就是爱你 (Just Loving You), 大城小爱 (Love In A Big City), 嫁给我 (Marry Me), When You Say Nothing At All, Wonderful Tonight, For the First Time

求婚 (Proposal), 黑白配 (Black Matches White), 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), 遇见 (Encounter), Beautiful Love, 约定 (Date), 一颗红豆 (One Red Bean), 每天爱你多一些 (Every Day I Love You More), 牵阮的手 (Holding My Hand), 明天我要嫁给你 (I’m Marrying You Tomorrow), Have I Told You Lately

Compliments from Cedric & Shelly:


Hello Hui Bing,

This is Cedric & Shelly. We like to say a BIG THANK YOU to you, Junxiong and Jixiang for being there on 1 May.

Not only us, my guests together with my make-up artist were impressed with your performance. One of my guests is even considering to engage you to sing ar her wedding dinner.

We are definitely look forward to hear you sing again!